Twist & Curl Tutorial on Natural Hair using True by Made Beautiful

Twist and Curl Tutorial on Natural Hair

You ever wonder how you can get those perfectly defined, bouncy curls, like the ones you see your favorite YouTubers rocking? Well it starts with using the right products for your hair and the proper styling techniques.  YouTuber,  Rayna (Happy Curl Happy Girl shows us how she achieves fluffy curls with tons of body, with a Twist & Curl tutorial on natural hair  using True by Made Beautiful hair products!

Here’s how Rayna achieved this look:

  1. In this video I’m using True By Made Beautiful line to do a twist and curl.
  2. I shampooed twice with their moisturizing shampoo.
  3. I then deep conditioned with their Intensive Treatment Masque
  4. I then uses their leave in conditioner for extra moisture
  5. Followed up with their conditioning styling Creme and put my hair in about approximately 12 twists
  6.  I rolled each twist with a perm rod and let air dry over night
  7.  In the morning, I carefully unraveled the twists with my hands coated in mint almond oil. I began separating my twists for more volume. I separated the hair where it naturally wanted to come apart. I then followed up with my pick for more fluffing and more volume.
  8. At night I pineapple’d for a stretch. The style lasted about 2 and half days due to using a styling product with light hold.

Is this something you think you will try? It seems pretty easy, right? Follow Rayna on Instagram at @HappyCurlHappyGirl and on YouTube to see more tutorials from her! Got questions? Drop us a line in the comments.

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  • Ife says:

    Do you also reccomend eco styler argan oil for defined curls? My hair type is 4c and I tried it but it only ended up making my hair flaky. Just wanted to know what’s your advice maybe I used it wrong. BTW I love the hair styles you post on Facebook.

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