6 Ways to Use the VoiceOfHair PureFix Hair Elixir

6 Ways to Use the VoiceOfHair PureFix Hair Elixir

The VoiceofHair PureFix Hair Elixir was formulated for all hair types and textures. The popularity of this 6-in-1 oil continues to increase as women around the world are seeing the result of healthy and growing hair. What makes this oil popular and loved by so many is not only the results but the versatility it provides. In this article, we will discuss 6 ways to use VoiceOfHair PureFix Hair Elixir in your hair care regime and styling.

6 Tips on How to use the VoiceOfHair PureFix Hair Elixir:

1. Pre-shampoo treatment/ steam treatment

Steam treatments are vital when maintaining the health of your hair. For issues with a dry scalp or for softer hair try using the PureFix Hair Elixir as a pre-shampoo treatment under the steamer.  You can also use this as a hot oil treatment prior to washing and conditioning your hair.   This oil will leave your hair soft and bouncy.

2. As a Sealant in the LCO Method

We put the “O” in the LCO Method! If you are looking to seal in moisture, this 6-1 treatment is perfect to use after you’ve applied a leave in and styling/moisturizing cream.  It works great to separate your curls after doing a braid out or twist out!

3. As a finishing oil to add shine

Every style needs that finishing touch! The PureFix Hair Elixir adds that extra shine and finish that will preserve your style and keep it feeling moisturized. Once adding it to your freshly washed style, you can go as long as 3-4 days before reapplying.

4. Scalp Moisturizer

Styles like braids can leave the scalp exposed and dry when wearing braids it is very important to keep the scalp moisturized regularly. The PureFix Hair Elixir is great for protecting the hair and retaining moisture underneath protective styles and braids.  Just apply to your scalp and rub in, to soothe an itchy scalp while promoting hair growth!

5. With Sew-ins

Looking for a solution to an itchy scalp? The PureFix Elixir soothes and prevents itchy scalp while supporting length retention and growth⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ while wearing sew-ins. Our curved tip dropper is perfect for applying just the right amount of oil to those hard to reach areas.

6. To Promote Hair Growth

Apply the hair elixir to your scalp and massage in your scalp for 30-60 seconds at a time- but be sure to apply to moisturized hair! Apply water or a leave in before using the oil (as mentioned in #2 above) to ensure you aren’t adding oil to dry hair. Scalp massages help stimulate blood flow to your hair follicles, which helps stimulate hair growth. However, since hair grows about 1/2″ per month be sure to do this consistently, 3x-5x per week. Results can be seen as early as 6-8 weeks of continuous application.

So, as you can see moisture is an important factor in the success of any style or treatment. The PureFix Hair Elixir is a very versatile product that was designed to work for the benefit and health of your hair, regardless of the style or method you choose. The uses for this oil are endless. If you are looking for a product that can meet multiple needs, this is it.  

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Brandelyn Green is the Founder of VoiceOfHair, a platform to help women of color find the best hair care products, regimens and hairstyles! Since starting VoiceOfHair in 2014 she has grown the social media platform to over 1MM+ on Instagram and Facebook. As a natural who is also a salon goer, she wanted to create a platform where people could find the best products, hairstylists, advice and trends.
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  • Emma Young says:

    I like the product so far waiting to see length but so far so good

    • Brandelyn Green says:

      Hi Emma,

      We are so happy to hear that you are enjoying the oil so far!!

      Here are a few tips to make sure you get the best results:

      1. Take a before photo to track your progress and remember that hair grows about
      1/2″ per month so try to be consistent and apply 3x-5x a week to scalp (for hair growth)
      and massage for 60 seconds to stimulate blood flow to scalp.

      2. If you have dry hair try using the LCO method – where you first apply water or a leave-in
      conditioner (L), then applying a cream product like a styling cream (C) and then followed by
      the hair elixir oil to seal it in (O).

      3. For short hair styling or silk presses, you can use it as a finishing oil to add shine. Or applyin
      a few drops before straightening your hair. Make sure to apply it to your hands first and then redistribute
      throughout! A little goes a long way!

      Let us know if you have any questions or concerns along the way❤️

    • Norma Gates says:

      Could you use your product on perm hair are it’s just for natural hair.

      • Hello Norma,
        Yes our oil works on all hair types, natural and relaxed as well as color treated hair. It is an oil, not a serum. We recommend that if you have very fine hair then you can apply a few drops to your fingertips and then rub your hands together before you evenly distribute throughout the hair. This will help to keep your hair from feeling weighed down, although the oil is very light. If you have any questions, please let us know. Sincerely, Brandy

  • This is a very Good Product

    • Brandelyn Green says:

      Thank you so much Jennifer 🙂

      • Helen Rideaux says:

        My hair is dry and my grandbabies hair. What type of oil should I use. I wear twist.

        • Hi Helen,
          Here are a few common tips that may be helpful:

          HOW TO COMBAT DRY HAIR If you only apply oil to your hair and do not add moisture (water or water based products first) your hair will become dry and brittle and can break. The oil alone will not take your hair out and alone it cannot grow your hair. Oil can be used to seal in moisture but you MUST apply moisture first.
          HOW TO USE IT: If you are looking to use it for natural styling, you can use it as part of the LOC Method or I like to do LCO Method- where you first apply water or a leave in conditioner (L), then applying a cream product like a water based styling cream (C) and then followed by the hair elixir oil to seal it in (O). Also, if you wear protective styles like braids, sew-ins or wigs you can apply it to your scalp to relieve/stop itching by rubbing it in. I personally do this when I wear braids and it soothes my scalp and keeps my hair and edges growing! For short hair styling, you can use it as a finishing oil to add shine. Make sure to apply it to your hands first and then redistribute throughout!
          HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO SEE RESULTS: Our hair grows 1/2” per month (on average and that is only if you are getting all of the proper nutrients your body needs, not on medication, not experiencing any shock to your immune system, not experiencing menopause or other hormonal changes etc.) so the results do take time but all of my customers who have seen results have been patient and used it consistency, along with a healthy hair regimen.

        • Hi Helen,
          We understand that having dry hair can be a frustrating and uncomfortable experience, and we’re here to help you find the best solution for your hair and your grandbabies’ hair.

          To help moisturize dry hair, we recommend using our PureFix Hair Elixir, which is made with natural oils and plant-based ingredients that help nourish and protect hair from environmental stressors. Our hair elixir is suitable for all hair types and can be used on your hair and your grandbabies’ hair.

  • Regina says:

    Need to grow the top of my hair have lupus and alopecia and my top is really thin with ball spots can this help my hair

    • Hello Regina!

      Our product has helped many of women with alopecia! Because we don’t use any chemicals in our product you will definitely see healthier, stronger hair but only if you use it consistently along with scalp massages. Since hair grows on average ½” per month it’s very difficult to see visible results until you use for at least 2 months, although we have several customers who see growth sooner. Since alopecia can be caused by different things (traction alopecia, alopecia areata, etc.) it really depends on the cause in terms of the final outcome (since it doesn’t contain minoxidil or other potentially harmful chemicals). Feel free to email us at [email protected] if you any questions!?

      Feel free to check out some testimonials : https://voiceofhaircare.com/pages/testimonials

  • Lynn Cooper says:

    I would like to try your products for hair loss . Please send more information and the cost.

  • I was trying to order but went to another page for a different price I want to facebook page price

  • Chinyere okoronkwo says:

    The is price I’m seeing is $14.00.

  • Jamie says:

    I have thinning hair and have this coming but now just read it is only for people of color. Will it not work for me?

    • Hi Jamie,

      Yes, the hair elixir helps hair to grow healthier and retain length, which can give the appearance of fuller hair. However, this product cannot make new hair follicles appear where there were never any to begin with. On average, most people are born with about 100,000 hair follicles and the thickness of the hair is determined by the density of those hair follicles. We have had some customers successfully use our elixir to help their hair grow back in after experiencing hair loss, however results will vary depending on what caused the hair loss to begin with. You can read some of the experiences from other customers here: https://voiceofhaircare.com/pages/testimonials

  • Carmen Suggs says:

    Interested in your product.. But would like to know your prices.

  • Digett says:

    I started using the product consistently Jan. 29th 2021 I pray that it really works, my hair is completely bald in the top. Cant wait to see the results.

  • Milouse JOLIBOIS I need my hair gross long and good condition soft

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