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We had a 12-week clinical trial conducted with women using the VoiceOfHair PureFix Elixir. Women in the study identified as Black, Latina, and Bi-racial between the ages of 26-76 years-old. An expert hair evaluator assessed participants’ overall hair condition and hair thinning on Day 1, Day 30, Day 60 and Day 90. In addition, the participants also assessed their own hair experience with a self-perception questionnaire. Participants experienced the following results during the clinical trial:

Clinical Study Questionnaire Responses after 90 days

  • 100% of participants felt the Elixir was easy to spread throughout their scalp and/or hair
  • 93% of participants felt more confident about their hair after using the PureFix Elixir
  • 93% of participants felt like their hair was stronger after using the PureFix Elixir for 90 days
  • 93% of participants felt the PureFix Elixir was an important part of their hair care regimen
  • 93% of participants would recommend this product to their family and friends
  • 89% of participants felt like their hair looked better and was shinier
  • 89% of participants felt like their hair was stronger
  • 89% of participants felt like their hair was thoroughly hydrated
  • 86% of participants felt like their hair grew more

Study Participants and Design

The study consisted of women volunteers who had poor hair conditions such as hair prone to breakage and/or thinning of hair on any area of their heads. The majority of the women identified as either Black/African American and a total of 30 women participated in the study. As such, participants either applied one drop at at time of the PureFix Elixir to the affected area of the scalp, 3-5 times per week or the women used the Elixir as a pre-shampoo treatment or hot-oil treatment.

The clinical trial took place at a single center. During the study, an expert grader assessed all participants’ hair for overall hair condition and thinning and all women in the study completed Self Perception Questionnaires (SPQs) at the 30 day and 90 day visits.

Clinical Study Objective

The objective of this study was to assess the PureFix Elixir on women with poor hair conditions and hair thinning over a 3-month period, using expert visual grading and self-perception questionnaires. At the start of the clinical trial, an expert hair evaluator assessed each woman’s hair condition using a 6 point scale where 0 was very poor and 5 was great. At the start of the trial the average score for hair condition was 2.82. After 3 months, the average hair condition score increased to 4.57. In total, after three months of using the PureFix Elixir, 96% of participants hair condition improved compared to the start of the study.

Additionally, the clinical trial assessed participants hair thinning. An expert hair evaluator assessed participants’ hair for signs of thinning at the start of the study using a 6 point scale where 0 = no evidence of thinning hair and 5 = extreme evidence of hair loss/balding. The average hair thinning score at the start of the study was 3.36. After three months of using the PureFix Elixir, the average hair thinning score dropped to 0.75. As noted by the expert hair evaluator, 100% of women in the clinical trial improved in the signs of hair thinning for the areas addressed.

This study took place between July and October 2020.


Improving your hair is not an overnight quick-fix. Rather, it is a journey that takes time, consistency, patience, and a good hair care regimen. The findings from this study aligns with what we hear from our customers, which is people who use the PureFix Elixir consistently and over time have better results. Try the PureFix Hair Elixir to jumpstart your healthy hair journey today. Please know that the independent clinical trial outcomes do not guarantee the same results for you. Individual results may vary based on a number of factors such as: age, hair condition, other products you are using, your current medications, styling habits, diet, and your sleep patterns.

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