5 Simple Ways I Maintain My Short Hair Cut

How I maintain my short hair

by: @lauranslane

I hear so many discussions about short hair styles – from the maintenance, to whether or not to remain natural with a short cut, to how “short” one should go. I’ve been a “short hair, don’t care” enthusiast since my high school years, with NO plans on changing, and I’m here to share with you just how I care for my own hair in between salon visits, or whether I visit the salon or not! FYI: I am also a relaxer enthusiast, so I’m all for a good relaxer!

FIRST: Your cleansing routine. If I am unable to get to the salon, or if I choose not to go, I shampoo and condition my hair with Indigo’s Detangling Shampoo and the Moisture Blend Conditioner. FACT: I personally buy products based on the name and the “scent”. This shampoo has a very pleasant smell, and the conditioner smells like grape candy! Not only do they SMELL good, but they WORK WONDERS for maintaining moisture in my hair. Because these items aren’t found in commercial beauty supply stores, it is quite possible that your hair care professional sells them in the salon.

SECOND: Light oils. Your product choices will be the key to keeping your hair looking fresh in between your salon visits. One that I love and use frequently is Argan Oil of Morocco. Since my hair is “floppy” up top (floppy is a word I use to describe the bounce and life in my hair), I use a dime sized amount of this product on my relaxed sides…typically ever other day, or every two days. Not only does it smell amazing, but it gives your hair a simple shine. Whatever is remaining on my hands, I then finger comb the rest through the top! You can find this item at your local Walgreens, Beauty Supply or Target stores.

THIRD: The Net Wrap. When I get into the shower or bath, I put this wrap around my edges, so that they won’t “lift” due to the temperature of my shower or bath water. Once I’m done getting dressed, I remove my wrap and go!

FOURTH: Wet and wavy. The following products are used when I’m wearing my hair super short and curly. To mold my hair (if I’m wearing it flat), or to give life to my short curls, I use Mizani’s Styling Foam Wrap, and then I use the “Wrapp-It” Styling Strips. From there, I either sit under the dryer or I let my hair air dry.

FIFTH AND FINAL: At Bedtime. When it’s time for bed, I don’t wrap my hair in a scarf; I sleep right on my hair! I do, however, wrap my pillow in a large satin scarf. If you have satin pillow cases, this is perfect, but I don’t use the pillowcases; wrapping my pillow suits me just fine. PSA: This won’t work for everyone!! My hair is trained now, and I’m not a wild sleeper (nor do I sweat in my head), so this method at bedtime works perfectly for me!

As a result of maintaining in between, here are some of my styles…either after a fresh salon visit, or the day before my next appointment:

You might not be able to tell the difference…and you shouldn’t be able to, if done right! One thing that I NEVER do in between salon visits – I don’t put ANY heat on my hair. I do own a pair of flat irons, but I haven’t used them in years. Less heat, less damage!

How to Care for Short Hair

Bottom Line: you must do what works for YOUR hair. These five methods have helped me to achieve the desired results that I am aiming for, and it keeps me in a short hair style! Oh and one more thing: GET THE RIGHT CUT FOR YOUR HEAD SHAPE!

Living a short hair lifestyle,


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  • Robyn says:

    Love these tips.How do you know what the right cut is forn your head shape?

  • Warner says:

    I am 68 years old just had my hair cut and need to know what is the best cut for me

  • Kenjdra says:

    Hi. licensed Master Stylist of 16 years. Chicago now in ATL. The cut that best fits you is 1. Based upon your lifestyle “daily living, work, play, regimens, etc”. 2. The cut must fit the shape of your head & face shape “oval,heart,oblong,square etc.” Your stylist should be able to guide you through examples of how certain desired styles will look on you. Most can be achieved with a few tweaks. If you are in Atlanta & ready for a new style, cut, healthy hair, silk infusion press & more visit me at my salon. Status Beauty Bar & Salon. Good luck ladies. Love this site! ~ KenjdraNicole

  • g3mini72 says:

    Love the information…How do you maintain your relaxed hair in between salon visits without applying heat?

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