Tips and Products for Protecting Colored Treated Hair

How to Protect Your Colored Natural Hair
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At the beginning of the new year, most people are craving transformation.  Changing your hair color can be simple yet effective.  With any change comes apprehension and with hair color, there’s a lot to be cautious of.  The number one concern in regards to this service is hair health/ integrity; but although the task seems daunting, gorgeous, colored hair is most definitely attainable.  By following these tips and tricks, you’ll be well on your way to your hair color journey!

  1. For me (@ALStyling), being a licensed professional takes precedence over simply being a colorist.  Thus, I believe that excellent hair color begins at the consultation.  Seek out a hair care professional with a background in hair color to assess whether your hair qualifies you as a hair color candidate.  If your hair is in good health, feel free to move on with the service.  If your hair is damaged, work with your stylist to take the necessary steps toward strengthening your hair.  Ensure that your hair is capable to undergo this change before moving forward.olaplex system
  2. Chemical services are just that…. chemical.  During the hair color process, bonds are broken down and separated in order for your hair’s physical appearance to change.  Ask your stylist to utilize bond building products like Olaplex to restore your hair to its strongest state.  This system is mixed into your color formula, working hand in hand with your color while its processing.  This is a great way to protect your hair from the beginning, providing insurance during your chemical service.
  3. After any chemical process, the cuticle of your hair is raised, making this the perfect time to show your hair some love from the inside out!  When you’re at the shampoo bowl, indulge in a strengthening treatment.  Strength Fusion by Mizani is a system that is safe to use directly after color services, equipped with shampoo, conditioner, strengthening shot, moisturizing mask and leave in conditioner.  This allows for layers of additional strength and heightened protection to prevent any negative effects.
    Visit @Mizaniusa for more!

    Visit @Mizaniusa for more!

  4. Following your treatment, book a haircut before styling.  Your hair’s ends are the weakest point in your hair strand and are more susceptible to damage.  This is the main reason I believe a haircut should be booked after ANY chemical service.  By having your stylist rid you of dead ends, you prevent hair from splitting up the hair shaft while enhancing your finished look.  Clean ends and a healthy shape always make your hair color POP!
  5. Leaving the salon is where the real work begins.  Discuss and build an in-salon and at-home hair care regimen with your stylist.  Visit the salon every six to eight weeks for a color retouch, treatment, and haircut.  In between visits, remember to condition your hair as it needs.  Using a sulfate free oshimmer lightsr color safe shampoo will aid in preventing your color from fading.  FOR BLONDES, use Shimmer Lights to combat brassiness or warmth.  After shampooing at home, follow with a leave in conditioner (and heat protectant if applicable) before styling.



Above anything else, hair color is a commitment.  Any hair color client has to be willing to work with a specialist to ensure the best results.  However, by following these tips, you can do YOUR part to protect and maintain gorgeous, colored hair!

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