5 Hair Growth and Hair Loss Articles Worth Revisiting in 2020

5 Healthy Hair Articles Worth Revisiting in 2020

Did you make any resolutions or goals for 2020? Personally, I decided to commit to a healthier lifestyle by eating better and working out– which will definitely help me achieve my hair goals! If you’re like me, then this post will set you off on the right foot. It’s a countdown of 5 hair growth and hair loss articles  worth revisiting in 2020.


The articles below will provide insight and tips on how to achieve optimal  hair growth and avoid hair loss.

How Fast Does Hair Grow and How To Make It Grow Faster

#5) How Fast Does Hair Grow and How To Make It Grow Faster 

Understanding how fast hair grows is essential to any healthy hair care routine. This article tackles everything you need to know about how fast hair grows and how to make it grow faster.

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The Difference Between Hair Shedding vs. Hair Loss

#4) The Difference Between Hair Loss and Hair Shedding 

It’s simply not enough to know that you’re losing hair; you need to know if you are losing hair or if it is shedding. Understanding this is important because it will help you determine what to do to address this hair issue. So, read this article to learn the difference between hair loss and shedding.

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Hair Elixir with Dropper

#3) PureFix Hair Elixir by VoiceOfHair

If you’re going to have a healthy hair experience, then you need to only use the very best products. This article outlines the unique and special blend of ingredients in the VoiceOfHair Purefix Hair Elixir which has helped thousands of women across the world.

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Should You Really Be Oiling Your Scalp?

Photo Credit: @tee_tresses on Instagram

#2) Should You Really be Oiling Your Scalp? 

This article answers one of the questions I get asked often, “should I be oiling my scalp?” Check it out.

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lack Woman Struggling with Hair Loss

#1) How to Avoid Hair Loss & Breakage When Wearing Weaves

Our most popular article is none other than my article on how to avoid hair loss and breakage when wearing weaves. Why? Too many women are experiencing hair loss and breakage. This article will help you understand what you can do to curb hair loss and breakage.

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