Change Up Your Look With A U-Part Wig

U-part Wig
Credit: @glam_qui on Instagram wearing a u-part wig from @keepingupwithco

Trending in this season are extensions. Most women are wearing extensions in some form or another. However, some women find extensions time consuming, unhealthy, or costly. Fortunately, there is a solution to this!


Styled by Huntsville, AL stylist @divineimagesbyshannon

You can easily change up your look with a u-part wig unit. The are many options from long/straight to mid-length/loose curls to short/bobbed out.

A u-part wig unit is constructed by sewing extensions to a wig cap. There are many tutorials on YouTube, but I recommend that you seek a professional to make one for you. You can have a part on either side or in the middle. Once the wig is made, your hair braided and the wig is sewn around the perimeter; a section of your hair will be left out for coverage. Another option is to have clips sewn on the wig around the inside. With this method it will allow you to slide the clips onto the the braids and snap them for security. It’s that simple!

Not only is making and applying a u-part wig unit simple, it is also quick. Once it’s made it doesn’t take much time to apply it. Also when you are ready to refresh your look it can be removed so that you can do your hair care maintenance, and reapplied all in 45 minutes to an hour! The initial constructing of the wig unit is about 1 hour and 30 minutes, but after that it’s smooth sailing.

The concept of a wig unit is also healthy because of this application process. It allows you to keep up with a regular hair care regimen. You can choose bi-weekly or once a month. Just add a deep conditioner in with your regimen. A u-part wig unit can also save you some coins. The initial cost of the construction of the wig can start from $150 depending on many factors such as: the stylist, if there will be any cutting or styling of the wig, type of hair extensions used, etc. The reapplying of the wig unit can start from $65.

In conclusion, instead of using all of your time and money as well as not maintaining a healthy hair care regimen, opt to get your local stylist to construct a u-part wig unit for you and achieve the look of a traditional sew-in with convenience!


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