Know What You’re Getting into: Questions to Ask at Your Next Consultation

What to Ask In Your Next Consultation

While the consultation stage is taught in most cosmetology and other “beauty” schools, it is almost a lost component.  Many people jump into the chair as clients and behind the chair as practitioners without conducting a consultation, however, a consultation is very important and besides it can be fun!  As you get to know your stylist, technician, or artist and she or he comes to know you, you are not only manifesting aesthetics, you are creating an important relationship.  Here are some questions to ask your stylist during your next Spring 2017 consultation:

1). Are you licensed and/ or certified? While some of the most creative, skilled, and informative practitioners have yet to become licensed, when a person places his or her hair, skin, and nails into the hands of a person who is using products, electrical devices, and making changes to the chemistry of a person’s body, life altering things can occur; thus, it is important to ask if a person is licensed so that you can ensure your safety and the accountability therein.

2). What’s trending for Spring-Summer 17’? Can you give me the latest look?

Many of us want to be “up on the trends”; who better to help you with that than your beauty professional but first we should know what is in the scope of his or her abilities.  Should a stylist lack knowledge on how to do something he or she will typically acquire that information or refer clients to a fellow professional.  This question will help avoid some of those “trend mishaps”.

3). What is the health status of my hair, skin, and/or nails?

We should all strive for optimal health of our bodies including our skin and the appendages therein, therefore before we begin to decorate and rearrange our hair, skin, and nails we should inquire about the overall health of these entities in efforts to maintain or improve the status therein during our visits with the professionals.

4). What are your prices? Do you run specials or promotions on occasion?

Budgeting is a huge part of maintaining one’s life and lifestyle, thus before booking an appointment or sitting in someone’s chair inquire about their prices.  Should the prices be outside of your budget, do not be ashamed of inquiring about promotions.  Stylists should be open to sharing this information as it increases their likelihood of gaining a new client or retaining an existing one.

5). What is the best time for me to schedule appointments?

Practitioners and clients alike enjoy a life outside of beauty appointments, therefore clients should ask what times are most conducive to both parties’ schedules during consultations in efforts to create initial and standing appointments.

6). What are your areas of expertise?

In the same way that people visit doctors and restaurants based on a chef or doctor’s area of expertise, many people would like to visit beauty practitioners for certain things.  Ask your stylist, nail technician, and makeup artist about his or her areas of expertise at your next consultation, as doing so can open up a creative window of opportunity for the client and practitioner to try innovative hair color, nail enhancements, eye shadow techniques, and much more.

Asking the previously mentioned questions at your next consultation can potentially optimize your next beauty appointment!

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