Hair Color Trends: Pixelated Hair- YAY or NAY?

Pixelated hair color with rainbow colors
Photo Credit: Brooklyn Stylist and Educator, CoCoa Mane

According to leading fashion experts, ombre hair color is OUT and there’s a new trend that’s in style for 2015.  Ready for it? It’s pixelated hair color!  It’s basically color blocking, but for your hair. When applied correctly, it gives the effect of  your hair being pixelated (remember how TV used to look back in the 90s, yea kind of like that).   This technique was created by Jose Luis Almendral, Marco Antonio Restrepo, and Jorge Cancer at X-presion Creativos in Madrid.

Now we all know that there are some trends that are only in for a hot minute, while others seem to last us for a lot longer (like crochet braids).  This is could be a trend that is hot now, but may be out by the end of the year– but it is worth exploring now.

One of the things that makes this technique so cool is that it gives the effect of multiple textures to the hair.  In this image below, by @XpressionCreativos, the golden pixel color on her hair gives the illusion of a golden helmut. I think it’s cool to look at, but I wouldn’t be bold enough to wear it.

Pixelated bob cut with gold color dimension

Pixelated bob cut with gold color dimension created by @XpresionCreativos

Another take on this trend was done by Brooklyn, stylist and educator, Cocoa Mane.  She used this technique to create a puzzle cut bob.  It’s not your every day look, but it really is like looking at a piece of art. I can only imagine how long this style took to achieve!

Pixelated puzzle cut bob with pink, purple and blue hair

Pixelated puzzle cut bob with pink, purple and blue hair done by Brooklyn Stylist, @CocoaMane.

Atlanta hairstylist, Jai Hall, also creates a work of art with his custom colored puzzle cut bob. Again, not something that you would wear to work but this look is remarkable.  It took a lot of time, skill and precision to get the color placement just right.

Pixelated hair color with rainbow colors

Atlanta stylist,@JaiiTheStylist, creates a multi-colored pixelated bob cut.

I don’t think this hair color trend has the staying power to last years, however it will keep us interested for a few weeks or months maybe.  Regardless of how many people would actually rock this look, it is definitely a great display of artistic expression.  You can learn more about this technique and the origin of it here.

Would you wear this style? What are your thoughts.  Comment below!

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