Achieve Heatless Curls that Last For Days

One of my new favorite hair styles for wearing my natural hair is flexi rod sets. I’ve found this style to give me curls that last for up to 10 days– no lie!  This is one of the best techniques to curl your hair without applying heat.

Check out this tutorial created by Hair Blogger, Janae Mason, (@Nae2Curly on Instagram) using Carol’s Daughter Products.   In this video, Jenae shows us how to flexi rod hair that has already been flat ironed or straightened.

Picture tutorial of how to set flexirods and then fluff curls

Jenae shows the process of setting flat ironed or straightened hair with flexi rods and then the results after fluffing them out.

As I mentioned before these curls can last for a whole week! However, if your curls are getting flat or don’t have the definition you like, then you can opt for a high puff, as shown by Jenae.  You can do this with a head band and tie it around your curls to scrunch up the hair as shown below.

Curly hair puff

Another great style you can wear with flexi rod curls or perm rod curls is a high puff.

As you can see from the end result, her curls are light and fluffy and have tons of volume.

Naturalista, @Callherdini (Dinquinesh) does also achieves amazing flexi rod sets, on blown out hair.  Here’s her routine in this video.

Picture tutorial of how to set flexirods and then fluff curls

Picture tutorial of how Dini sets her hair with the rods and then finger combs out the curls.

Dini’s process is simple:

  1. Shampoo and condition hair
  2. Apply Argon oil and heat protectant
  3. Blow-dry hair to stretch it out
  4. Separate hair into 5 sections
  5. Use setting lotion as flexi rods (orange, blue and red flexi rods) are applied
  6. Sit under the dryer for an hour for faster results (or you can air dry over night– but it hurts!)
  7. After removing the rods, separate and finger curl hair to achieve volume
Results of flexi rod setting the hair and the curls achieved

Dini shows us the results of her flexi rods! Gorgeous curls for days.

The great thing about a flexi rod set is that you can get great results with both stretched hair AND  wet hair. However, if you want your curls to hang longer, you may want to stretch your hair first.

So now you see while I love this style.  Try it and let me know what you think!


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