Revive an Old Hairstyle with a Braid Out

The warm weather is approaching and we can finally begin to let it all hang out! Well, at least our hair.  One of the biggest challenges with natural hair in the summer time is the impact that humidity can have on our hair.  A good hair day can easily turn into a big hair mess! Thankfully, there are a styles that we can wear that will keep our hair looking tamed.
Naturalista, @EbSweetz shows us how she transforms frizzy curls into gorgeous waves.   This style will work for curly girls with medium – long hair.  This styles will also work if you’re rocking a protective style, such as a sew-in and are looking for ways to curl your hair without the heat.
Ever done a style on your natural hair and it didn’t last as long as you would have hoped?  Or, have you been wearing a wash and go style, and your hair is looking dry– but you’re not ready to rewash it? Then you definitely want to consider trying a braid out. Here’s how Ebony (@EbSweetz ) achieved this gorgeous braid out.
Results of a Braid Out on Natural Hair
 Starting with a  6 day old wash  and go so she only used water, Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel, and coconut oil to achieve this look.   You may need alter the products, depending on what your hair likes.
Step 1: Generously dampen hair with water so that it’s manageable for easy separation and detangling. She used a denman brush for detangling.
Step 2: Part hair into small-medium sections with fingers and spray sections with water a little more if needed. Add small amounts of gel to the sections until you feel it’s coated to your preference. (You know you put enough when the curls start to clump together.)
Step 3: Braid sections tightly being careful not to borrow hair from one strand to another. This will fight frizz when unraveling the braids.
Step 4: If the ends of your braids have trouble curling on their own, tightly curl them around a narrow flexi rod or perm rod.
Step 5: Let your hair dry completely before unraveling or you risk huge amounts of frizz. Sitting under a dryer or air drying are both good options for drying the braids.
Step 6: Once the braids are dry, coat your hands in your favorite oil  and unravel them to ensure even more moisture and shine.
Step 7: Fluff and style as much or a little as you like! Use a hair pick and pick at the roots of your hair,  if you need more volume!
Ebony prefers doing braidouts this way because it cuts down on styling time (no washing, conditioning, etc.) and it gives your hair more length. Since you aren’t starting the process on soaking wet hair, you don’t experience as much shrinkage.
*When she did the wash and go previously, she used Camille Rose Naturals Curl Love and Curl Maker.
And there you have it! Gorgeous waves with curls at the end. What do you think? Are you ready to try this style?
Braid Out on Naturally Curly Hair
About Ebony Ervin, AKA, @EbSweetz :
Occupation:Co-Founder of & YouTube Hair blogger.
How long I’ve been natural: 4-5 years
Favorite product right now: Camille Rose Naturals Curl Love & Curl Maker
Products I can’t live without: Eco Styler gel and diffuser
Quick go-to hairstyle: High bun or fishtail braid
Favorite Hair Tip:ALWAYS sleep with a satin scarf, bonnet or pillowcase. It makes a world of difference!
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