5 Bold Hair Colors You Should Try

Bold Hair Colors You Must Try
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It is absolutely unbelievable  how many women are actually afraid to bold hair colors for what ever reasons. I believe that hair color is one of the best ways to express yourself. One thing is or sure though…you have to be a bold individual to even consider pulling bold colored hair off. This trend is not for the safe. Here are six must try colors you may want to implement into your next style:

@RayChillster‘s gorgeous blue faux locs!

1) Blue

Girl, what? Could you seriously pull this off? Indeed. With the right styling and personalized look, you can definitely do it without looking like you’re “trying too hard!”


Instagram: @olaj_arel

2) Grey

Now, grey has been a trending color for quite some time now. It never gets old. It is shocking at how many styles actually look elegant and youthful with this color. Who’s brave enough to try this color with your next protective style, eh?


3) Rainbow

Multicolored hair has got to be the hardest to pull off if you are not confident! It is quite doable and is actually being worn more than you think. Don’t be shy, girl. Go for it.

4) Pastel Pink

The key to pulling this pastel pink color off is by rocking it ombré style. Yes ma’am! Pretty in pink. Makes the melanin pop!

5) Burgundy 

The hair color burgundy literally fits any skin tone out there. It gives you a subtle, fiery, sexy look for any season. Pop in some burgundy crochet hair for the next time you decide you want a change!

Don’t see a color listed that you think is a must try? Comment and let us know!

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