4 Protective Styles to Wear While Working Out

Protective Styles for the Gym
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One of the common deterrents for women in reference to exercising is the risk of ruining a hairstyle.  In an age where health information is widespread and hair remains a priority, a medium between exercising and physical beauty is needed, thus I have provided a list of 4 protective styles to wear while working out:

1). Head Wrap with Bonnet/Silk Scarf Underneath – Head wraps provide a stylish cover all for any hairstyle, however, some common scarf materials can be drying to one’s hair; wearing a silk bonnet or scarf under a head wrap can help retain moisture while you break a sweat.

4 Ways to Protect Your Hair at the Gym2).  Cornrows– If you’re preparing your hair with a twist/braid out or if you’re wearing it in in a trending cornrow style, cornrows are low maintenance and

 extremely conducive to exercising.



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3). Pin Curls- Are you wearing curls? If so keep your pin curls in and couple them with a bandana for a classic Rosy the Riveter look, being sure to leave a few pin curls peeking out in the front.


4). Braiding Hair Bun/Ponytail– Whether you wet your hair or wear it dry, grab some braiding hair that matches your texture and braid, twist, or wrap it around your ponytail for a stylish, sweat friendly look.

Give these protective styles a try as you begin or continue your fitness journey and healthy lifestyle. Here’s a great tip: If you are someone who frequently wears protective styles, we recommend that you try the PureFix Hair Elixir which is a great scalp moisturizer (while promoting growth). It has a cooling sensation once you rub it in and it’s perfect for protective styles.

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Shané is a senior cosmetologist and the proprietor of Back to the Shop- an online magazine that explores black beauty culture beyond aesthetics/looks. Shané holds Bachelor and Master degrees in English, and she is currently pursuing a PhD in African American Studies/ Africology. As a native of the D(M)V, Shané has a front seat to the trends in the nation’s capital and abroad. With her mastery of English, tenure in the beauty industry, and her appreciation of culture, Shané offers a unique perspective on beauty matters.
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