Marley v. Yarn Faux Locs: Which is Best?

Marley v. Yarn Faux Locs

Protective styles are a huge trend at the moment. When there are so many different styles to chose from  it can be hard to decide which is right for you.  A protective style is a hairstyle that requires little manipulation of your natural hair. Braids, twists, faux locs, crochet braids, and etc. all protect your hair from the elements and allow you to go weeks without combing or brushing your hair. This promotes hair growth because you are not contributing to breakage of your strands.

One style that is becoming increasingly popular is faux locs (fake dred locs). So much so that some have created entire businesses based on the demand for this hairstyle. Faux locs can be done with Marley hair or yarn, in various lengths, colors and thickness. Read on to decide whether Marley or Yarn works best for your locs.

Check out more comparison specs, pictures, and my general thoughts of the two in my YouTube video:


This is definitely the first thing most consider when it comes to anything, especially a hairstyle. So, how much does it cost? Excluding installation, Marley locs are considerably more expensive than yarn locs. A pack of Marley hair will cost you any where from $4.99-6.99 and one roll of yarn is about $3. When you need 10-14 packs of Marley hair, $5 can get expensive compared to the two rolls of yarn you will need to complete yarn locs.


Instillation time depends on how fast your stylist is able to do your locs, but Marley locs lend to take less time. Since Marley hair comes in pre-measured strands, there is no prep involved. Yarn comes in one continuous roll, so you will have to measure how long you want your locs then cut the entire roll into single, same length strands. Now there is a way you can cut the entire roll into strands at once. Wrap the entire roll around something (like a chair) that allows it to be the length you want. Continue to wrap the yarn until you have wrapped the entire roll, then cut. This makes cutting the yarn strands way faster than cutting strands one at a time.


Even though hair companies are expanding the colors that Marley hair comes in, you will have to order it online if you want a really unique. Yarn comes in any color you can imagine from solid colors, to colors that blend into three and four different colors. You can even get yarn with a glittery look to it, if you want to get really fancy.


Since Marley hair comes in a pre-measured strand it can be hard to style Marley locs into different lengths, longer and shorter. It is possible to get a wide range of lengths and styles with yarn since you have to cut the yarn strands yourself.


Marley hair is course and the texture allows for the hair to stick together. If you enjoy wearing buns and up-dos, Marley makes this easier. When styling Marley hair you can virtually put it into any style without using any bobby pins. Yarn does not stick together because it is soft and smooth for the most part. You can tuck the yarn so that it stays up, but you may need a few bobby pins.


You can wash your hair with either style by diluting shampoo with water and pouring/massaging it into your scalp, then rinsing. Both will look virtually the same after washing, but if this causes your new growth gets frizzy it will blend with the Marley hair better since Marley hair is already a course texture. Both styles are heavy when wet or dry, but yarn soaks up water more than Marley hair and will take longer to dry.

I hope this list of specs allows for you to choose a protective style with ease, just in time for these cold fall and winter months!

Which are you: Team Marley or Team Yarn?  Comment below!


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  • stillJUICYbaby! says:

    Now I see a picture of the yarn locks, it doesn’t look as bad as i was thinking…I totally had the picture of Ragedy Ann in my mind. But that being said, I am still on the fence about taking that route. I am worried about the cotton fizz look after a while. However, like you said the cost of $3 vs $5 is a tremendous difference. And to be frank, the overall cost will be the determining factor as to which route I will choose to go…but I will be definitely going down the route..

  • Angel says:

    I thought the yarn was gonna look ugly. But it really didn’t… think I’ll buy a bag of Marley and yarn and do a couple and see which style I like best!!

  • chidinma says:

    How do I get the Marley hair?

    • Brandelyn Green says:

      You can check you local beauty supply or depending on what kind you want you can order from Amazon.

  • Maria says:

    Does the yarn have Shine ? I would prefer less shine Just as real natural dreadlocks

  • Yonnie says:

    Still undecided trying yarn die to cost.

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