Damaged Hair? Common Causes and Cures

Damaged Hair- Common Causes & Cures (2)

It’s definitely something that gets your heart racing…realizing that your hair has been damaged. We won’t play the “blame game”, because in all actuality, we as the client are often responsible for the damage to our own hair. Do you have damaged hair? I want to help you by sharing common causes and cures for damaged hair.

Yes, we are! Let’s unpack this, shall we?

Cause: STRESS-not just due to stress from braids being too tight, but “life stress”. A family member of mine was dealing with work stress, to the point where her hair began to thin right in the crown of her head…until it eventually left her with a bald spot. She ultimately had to get shots in the top of her head to get the growth going. CureEliminate The Stress-once she figured out what she had to do at her job in order to reduce her stress level, her health improved, her hair grew back, and she began to feel much better.

CauseDIET-this really isn’t science fiction. What you put on the inside absolutely has an impact on the outside. For example, foods high in grease can cause one to have pimples and other more serious issues. We all have our “cheat days”…but those should be few and fair between. CureIMPROVE YOUR EATING HABITS-whether your hair is relaxed or natural, you STILL need to eat the proper foods to maintain good health, and healthy hair. Food high in protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc, Biotin & Iron as all things that should be included in your diet. Also, your water intake is extremely important. If you have trouble getting the right amount of nutrients in your diet, try taking a multi-vitamin and hair vitamin.

Cause: PRODUCT BUILDUP-think about it like this: if you are always painting your nails, but never removing the polish underneath before applying a fresh coat, what do you think will happen if the polish coats are NEVER removed? You will damage your nail, and cause discoloration of the nail. Cure: Apply this same principle to your hair! You MUST shampoo your hair frequently; and by frequently, I strongly suggest once weekly or every two weeks (whatever works best for you). I am a “relaxed sistah”, and I make my hair appointments either weekly or bi-weekly; whatever my schedule calls for, which means that the longest that I will go without a shampoo is two weeks. When I wore Senegalese Twists and micro braids, I shampooed my hair every two weeks, and then oiled my scalp. It is critical to keep your hair clean, especially with braids, etc., due to product buildup around the edges of the hair.

I’m sure you can catch my drift regarding some of the more common causes of damage to our hair; it’s not always someone else’s fault. We attribute as well, so we must learn to pay attention to things going on in our lives that may have the potential to cause problems in other areas of our lives. Sometimes the first sign of trouble is excessive hair shedding. Consult with your stylist, pay attention to your diet, watch your stress level, and most importantly, make sure that you are using the right products and following the directions!


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