How to Acheive the Perfect Shade of Purple Hair

How to Achieve the Perfect Shade of Purple
Photo Credit: @hairartistrybybri
We came across this amazing purple hair color created by licensed stylist Portland, Oregon stylist Briana Abel, @hairartistrybybri and fell completely in love.  We caught up with her to learn how she created this custom color creation.
Here’s what she said:
This color was so fun to do it didn’t even feel like work
Here’s how I did it:
I pre-lightened the clients hair using @Redkenofficial Redken Flashlift with 30 volume + @olaplex This was used all over the hair.
Once the hair was lifted the purples I chose to use were all @paulmitchellus Paul Mitchell Vivids
Base color: Locked- In Purple (Paul Mitchell Vivids)
Highlights: violet (Paul Mitchell Vivids)
Lowlights: Amethyst (Paul Mitchell Vivids)
Color Melted in at the ends of the hair: Magenta with a little hint of violet mixed together (Paul Mitchell Vivids)
And voila! That is how she did it.
  • How to Achieve the Perfect Shade of Purple
Here’s a tip for longer lasting color:  Lower the heat of your hot tools such a as flat irons, wands etc. to prevent your color from fading.
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  • Carla C Kerr says:

    Can I (white with mostly white hair) use this purple coloring you show? I am a Red Hatter and I would love to make my long white hair purple for a while.

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