Here’s How You Can Grow your Edges Back!

If you’re experiencing thinning edges it’s important to first understand what might be causing your edges to thin. Traction alopecia, or thin edges, is described as a recession of the hairline caused by hair loss. There can be many causes and severity stages for it, but don’t worry, we got you!

Here are 7 things you need to do to stop your edges from thinning even further:

  1. Leave them alone!

Do not make the problem worse. The simplest way to stop your hairline from thinning  instantly is to stop wearing tight hairstyles: tight ponytails, buns, braids, sew-ins.  I know it can be hard to let go of your “go-to” styles but the constant tension is part of the reason why your hairline may be receding. If you’re itching for your favorite protective style try to rock those braids  while leaving your fragile baby hairs out. Of course, we want our style to last (especially if we spent a ton of money on the installation), but the tighter the style, the more tension you are applying to your scalp and those fragile edges cannot tolerate it. Face the facts: you know when the style is too tight and often overlook it when trying to regrow your edges.  If you’re unsure of “what’s too tight” just consider that if you see small bumps around your hairline or if it is hard for you to smile or laugh without experiencing pain, then the style is too tight.

  1. Put that grease down!

The danger in using grease doesn’t lie so much in using it on your hair but what it does on your scalp. We said that the ingredients in those old school hair greases (like Blue Magic, Ultra Sheen, Baby Don’t Be Bald, Dax, African Royal, and the list goes on…) are primarily made up of  mineral oil ad petrolatum – which create a moisture barrier. With that moisture barrier up there, nothing can get in, nothing can get out. As you go about your day, your head gives off heat. Your scalp needs to breathe and applying grease is not the best idea.

  1. Use a satin scarf or bonnet, pillowcase when going to bed!

Start sleeping on a satin pillowcase instead of a cotton one because the cotton pillowcase will absorb the natural oils and moisture right out of your hair. The friction between your hair and cotton pillowcase can lead to breakage. Your edges need those oils and moisture when they are thinning, so pamper them with the right nighttime treatments. We recommend using a satin pillow case and a satin scarf because if your head wrap/scarf comes off in the middle of the night (which is typical for most of us) then you don’t have to worry about your  exposed being dried out from a cotton pillow case.

  1. Leave the blow dryer, flat iron and other heat tools in the cabinet!

No surprise here, heat causes damage. Heat styling is a major culprit of dry and damaged hair. Using hairdryers on a high heat setting can dry out the scalp while the direct heat on wet hair can actually boil the water molecules inside the hair strands.

  1. Avoid hard setting gels, hair sprays, and drying alcohols

Alcohols, good and bad, are often formulated in styling products like mousse, gels, hair sprays, and even leave-in conditioners. Many of the gels and stylers on the market are loaded with alcohols or have been in the past. These alcohols can cause dryness and frizz by withdrawing all the moisture your curls need.  If your edges are already in a fragile state then try staying away from the edge tamers and gels until you can get your hair back healthy.

  1. Moisture, moisture, moisture

Moisturized hair means hair that has elasticity and is less likely to break especially when manipulated, combed or styled. Dry/un-moisturized hair is fragile which will only lead to one thing – breakage. So make sure to spritz your edges with water every now and then and then seal in that water with a natural oil such as shea butter or Jamaican black castor oil. Try using the PureFix Hair Elixir which is a great scalp moisturizer. It moisturizes and nourishes hair to support healthier hair growth.

  1. Stick to the healthy clichés

Eat the correct balance of the following nutrients including protein, vitamins, and minerals to supply hair with all that it needs to remain shiny, lustrous and strong. Just like skin, the condition of your hair is an outward sign of inside health. The cells that make up each strand of hair require a regular supply of key nutrients.  If you struggle with getting all of the healthy nutrients from your diet then take a Hair Vitamin, like the VoiceOfHair PureFix Hair Gummies, which are tasty and have the key nutrients you need for healthy hair.

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