Bold Cuts That Make You Want to Cut Your Hair

Tapered hair cut with red hair and defined part
Photo Credit: @_Nataaalie on Instagram

Coco Chanel once said “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”  That statement is so profound! If you’re getting the itch to go super short with a no fuss hair cut, then check out the styles below. You may find your next hairstyle!


@_Nataaalie (on Instagram) is famous for her sexy, short do! Regardless of the color, her haircuts are chic and fashion forward. I love the undercut designs in tapered hair cuts– it makes the cut so much more interesting.  It takes a lot of skill to make this look chic and not cheap! Her barber, @kolacuts_  does an amazing job!

Blonde Tapered Hair Cut with Undercut design

@_Nataaalie rocks her tapered cut with bold undercut designs.

This bold red cut is so sexy! It looks great on her skin and makes the undercut and the style stand out.

Tapered hair cut with  red hair and defined part

_Nataaalie rocks a tapered pixie cut with one side shaved and an under cut design.

This is another great haircut, especially if you’re not ready to cut it all off.  The shaved side and blue hair gives take this style to the next level!

Blue Hair with Tapered Right Side

@_Nataaalie with a bob cut with shaved side and blue hair.

Lola OJ

Lola OJ (@lolaoj) has one of the best, natural hair tapered cuts I’ve seen! The cut perfectly displays her natural curls, but adds a bit of excitement with the blonde color in the front and the dope undercut designs in the back.  I feel like I’m looking at a masterpiece!

Undercut with tapered haircut and blonde curls in crown

@LolaOJ has a bold undercut and blonde color in the front, which makes this cut so interesting.

Lola changes things up a bit, with fun pops of color in the front.  What I love most about this cut is the way it frames her face and highlights her features.  It looks beautiful on her.

Tapered Cut with blonde and green curls

@LolaOj with tapered cut and pop of color in the front.

Even though her hair is shaved on the sides, she still has enough length to wear protective styles, such as braids and faux locs! Her hair cut proves that you can have versatility with a tapered cut.

Shaved Sides Haircut with braids

@LolaOj has a short cut but has enough length in the top, giving her versatility.


Mary (@Mary_Jaine) has been turning heads and making women rethink the type of short hair they want.  Her faded cut (different from a tapered cut) is crisp and clean, while still being feminine.  The neat part in her hair, in addition to those classic waves are what makes this a cut above the rest (pun intended)!

Faded hair cut with defined part

@Mary_Jaine rocks a gorgeous faded hair cut with a clean side part.

Mary’s barber, @ShyTheBarber, is skilled because he knows not to cut too much hair off- such that we can’t see her gorgeous texture.  She looks radiant and this style also highlights her big eyes and high cheekbones.

Faded Cut with Side Part

@Mary_Jaine rocks a gorgeous faded hair cut with a clean side part.

This cut is definitely low maintenance, but has the glamor element to it! This would be a great cut for someone who is looking to do a big chop, go extra short or rock their natural curl pattern.

Faded hair cut with defined part

@Mary_Jaine rocks a gorgeous faded hair cut with a clean side part.

I’m a big fan of all of the haircuts here! These women are bold and confident and they let it show in how they wear their hair! Which styles are your favorite? Are you ready to make the big chop? Comment below.

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