6 Protective Styles To Beat The Heat

6 Protective Styles to Beat the Heat
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I know we’ve all been there before. That moment we cross seasons and move out of the blistering cold and move into the beautiful sunshine. You’re oh so tired of the winter and can’t wait to see some warm weather. We look forward to maxi dresses and icy drinks, melanated skin and painted toes, wash & go’s and curls blowing in the wind. But once summer hits and we get a taste of that humidity again, we instantly remember why we didn’t do as much with our hair the previous summer. The humidity seems to kill any definition we tried to achieve with that twist out, braid out or bantu knot out.

And of course, we’re back to that tug of war battle between letting our hair hang down and just putting it into a protective style. Hey, it’s the wishy-washy nature of being a natural haired girl! Here’s a great tip: If you are someone who frequently wears protective styles, we recommend that you try the PureFix Hair Elixir which is a great scalp moisturizer (while promoting growth). It has a cooling sensation once you rub it in and it’s perfect for protective styles.
On another note,  if you’re at the point right now where you’ve had enough with trying to deal with this humidity and just want to protect your hair, then scroll down to view 6 protective style ideas to beat the heat.
1.) Individual Crochet Twists
products needed: 7 packs of crochet twists, latch hook needle

2.) Two Pigtail Festival Braids
products needed: 1 pack of kanekalon/braiding hair

 3.) Easy Flattwists
products needed: moisturizer of choice

 4.) Goddess Braid/Halo Braid
products needed: moisturizer of choice

5.) Flattwist & Bun
products needed: moisturizer of choice

 6.) Faux Crown Twist
products needed: 1 pack of kanekalon/braiding hair

 Would you like to try any of these styles? Let us know in the comments below!
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@simplyjade_101 is relatively new to the blogging industry (about 2 years), but is no stranger to natural hair & natural hair care. She's been natural her whole life but has had many hiccups along the way, including severe heat damage and color damage. She has a YouTube channel (SimplyJade101) where her goal is to demonstrate the simplicity of hair care and remind us that you don't need to over complicate things in an effort to maintain healthy hair. She is a School Counselor and a newlywed, simply enjoying the balancing act of her career, marriage and blogging/YouTubing!
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