3 Big Tips for Washing Your Little Girl’s Hair

Wash Day Tips for Little Black GIrls
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Oh the infamous wash day!  You’re exhausted just thinking about it and your daughter is shedding tears before any water has even been turned on. Depending on how much hair your child has or how much patience you have,   this can easily become an all day event.  However, here’s 3 big tips for wash day to make things go a little smoother:

1. Detangle Prior To Washing


Sectioning the hair into four large parts and tackling each one individually is great for very thick or coarse hair.  Feel free to use your favorite detangling products, leave in conditioners, or spray bottles to help you out.  For detangling, I recommend ‘Carol’s Daughter: Hair Milk Refresher Spray’.  It’s water-based vs. oil, already comes in spray bottle, and adds the right amount of moisture to run your wide-tooth comb through the hair.

2. Be Prepared and Organized

You should have all tools and products within arms reach of the sink, bathtub, or wherever you’re washing her hair.  Once they’re in position and have calmed down enough to get their hair washed, the last thing you want to do is push the pause button to find what you need and have to start prepping them all over again.  The standard tools you should have for wash day are: a wide-tooth comb, a Denman brush, hair clips to section the hair off, your favorite shampoo/conditioner, a clean washcloth to wipe the water from the eyes, and a drying towel for their body and hand towel for their hair.

3. Have Entertainment on Deck

If they’re getting their hair washed in the tub, bring a couple of Barbies to join in on the action.  They can wash Barbie’s hair, while you wash theirs.  Turn on their favorite show or movie on the iPad or phone and prop it up where they can see while getting their hair washed.  You can also turn on some music, maybe a soundtrack from the most recent movie you guys went to see or something that you all typically listen to in the car.  Entertainment is a great distraction for kids while getting their hair washed.

Hopefully, these tips were helpful and can ease some of the pain that our daughters have on wash day!



Check out the YouTube video below to see some detangling in action!


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