5 Tips for Getting Your Hair Photos Featured on Social Media

How to get your photos featured on Instagram

 Do you ever see the same people featured on hair social media pages? Ever wonder how to get your picture featured on these pages? Do you want to increase your follower count?

This is a commonly asked question by hairstylists, barbers and

Here are some tips to help you get featured:

  1. Clear pictures. As with any picture, the picture should be clear enough to see what is actually in it. Find good lighting, use a clear camera, and make sure the picture is displaying your entire hairstyle. If followers cannot see your hair, then what is the point of a hair page featuring your picture?

PRO TIP: Use Instagram’s ‘focus’ feature to blur out the background and make your hairstyle stand out.  To do this just go to the Instagram home page and swipe right to bring up the menu below.  Then hover over to “FOCUS” and capture!

Instagram Focus Feature

  1. Having a public page. You can have the most amazing pictures and videos but if your page is private, other  feature pages cannot see your pictures in order to repost them, unless they are following you. Having a public page increases the chance of your pictures being seen.  This is also important if you’re a hairstylist who is trying to get your work out there.

PRO TIP: If you want your account to be discovered on the explore page then you’ll need to have a public page.  Getting on the explore page is the equivalent of getting free advertising on Instagram to new, potential customers and not having to pay for it!


  1. Tag hair/product companies. Companies love to see pictures of their hair and hair products in action and will feature you on their pages. Tutorial type pictures are great for this. Also, natural hair pages are an information source for naturalistas everywhere, so they are likely to post pictorials (picture tutorials) in order to share the information with their followers.


  1. HASHTAGS! Hashtags are probably the most used and effective way to get featured on a hair page. Many pages have a unique hashtag that they pull their features from, like #VoiceOfHair for example. Using effective hashtags will increase the number of pages that see your picture, thus increasing your chances of getting  featured. Some  popular hashtags for hair are:

#naturalhairdaily #protectivestyles #hair2mesmerize #teamnatural #trialsntresses #naturalhair #berrycurly #naturalchixs #kinkychicks #voiceofhair #healthyhair #blackboldandnatural #thecutlife #ShortHairDontCare #HairTutorial


  1. Return the love. After you are featured on a hair social media page, it is common courtesy to give the page a shout-out on your own page thanking them for the feature. This drives traffic to their page and will increase your chances of being featured on that page again.


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Brandelyn Green is the Founder of VoiceOfHair, a platform to help women of color find the best hair care products, regimens and hairstyles! Since starting VoiceOfHair in 2014 she has grown the social media platform to over 1MM+ on Instagram and Facebook. As a natural who is also a salon goer, she wanted to create a platform where people could find the best products, hairstylists, advice and trends.
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