Mom & Daughter Turned Their Frustrations into a Must Have Product for Little Girls

GabbyBows are the must have product for little girls

If you have kids, then you know that they can be prone to lose things.  This is especially the case when it comes to little girls losing hair barrettes! Many women, including myself, as a child have been scolded for coming home from school with ponytails untwisted and all of their barrettes missing. Sound familiar? However, if you think about it, it really isn’t our fault. Why? Because those barrettes are poorly designed and cheaply made– so there is no wonder why they hardly stay on!

One South Carolina mom, Rozalynn Goodwin and her daughter Gabby Goodwin finally developed a barrette that would work for thick textures and  stay on all day long.  They created GaBBYBows, the first of its kind, double faced barrette hair accessory, which is a must have product for little girls!


The Idea

In Rozalynn’s blog,, she talks about how the idea to create this accessory came about.  She says that it began with a Twitter rant about the barrettes not working for her daughter’s thick hair.  She realized that it was a bigger issue when other mom’s on Twitter began to chime in saying:

I can’t stand those barrettes!

I don’t even use them anymore.

When you find some that work, let me know.

Best Barettes for Little Girls (GabbyBows)

With a little nudging from her pastor and the validation from other mom’s, Rozalynn decided to do something about this recurring problem.  She says “Inventing the Double-Face Double-Snap Barrette was not what I had in mind when I logged on to Twitter that day to blow off some steam.”  However, she decided to take the leap of faith and design something to solve her problem.  What better example to set for your child than to actually face a problem head-on and fulfill a dream!

The Inspiration

One morning after her Twitter rant, Rozalynn had a conversation with her daughter that would keep her going throughout the entire journey of GaBBYBows.

Rozalynn said, “Mommy’s going to make you some bows that will stay in your hair.”

“Really?!?” Gabrielle’s face lit up. “My very own bows?”

Rozalynn later explains that at the time, Gabby was only 5 years old and like many pre-schoolers they don’t let you forget your promises! She recalls being at the grocery store with Gabby and she would ask “Mommy, are my bows going to be here?”  She would respond and tell her daughter “If you want them to be here, we’ll believe God for that.”  And that is exactly what Rozalynn and Gabby did.

The Journey

As Gabby grew older she helped Rozalynn make notes about barrettes and eventually, she came up with the designs and colors for GaBBYBows. Even though they had come with with this amazing idea, Rozalynn wasn’t planning on being an entrepreneur.  She originally wanted to sell the design.  Later, the two landed a focus group with a major company, but in the end the company declined.

However, after they declined, Rozalynn still insisted on their product saying “I can’t show my daughter that anything is impossible. Can you help me make one bow?”  Thanks to Rozalynn’s love for her daughter and passion to show her all things are possible, GaBBYBows has now taken off and is currently being sold in 100 retail stores and 42 states!

Gabby Bows come in a variety of colors and styles

Rozalynn’s dream now is to keep the business in the family and hire employees so that Gabby can continue the legacy.  Rozalynn says that she may not have been fully prepared for how fast the project took off but she is most impressed by how much Gabby has grown through the entire process.

Thanks to her mom, Gabby is now a young entrepreneur who inspires others, including kids!

She tells other kids that she meets or that desire to start a business of their own to try their best, “work hard, persevere and never give up. Obstacles will be in your way and you’ll have to never give up in order to get through them!

So true! What an inspiration!

To learn more about GaBBYBows visit!


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