Does Your Significant Other Deserve a Say in How You Wear Your Hair?

Does Your Mate Have a Say in How You Wear Your Hair?
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When I initially met my boyfriend, I had permed shoulder length hair. He loved it- he says that he loved the fact that my hair was long and that it was all mine. About six months later I decided I wanted to go natural. I made this decision for me and no one else. Although he told me he supported me, I still had my doubts about his feelings towards it. You know how you know someone so well that you can tell when their iffy about something?  Yeah, I could tell. After about 8 months, I decided to chop all the permed hair off. Shrinkage caused me to basically look bald headed.  He really wasn’t feeling it… meanwhile I was loving it.

The real question is, do I care how he feels? Of course I do, but at the same time I feel like it’s my hair so I can do what I want. He wants my hair to look how it was when we first met, but I decided that heat isn’t touching this head anytime soon!

I try to explain things to him, but you know how guys can be. I opt for wigs here and there, but I feel like he’s never satisfied. So I promised to straighten my natural hair for our three year anniversary, which is in August.

It’s your hair, do what you want; however, there is nothing wrong with occasionally wearing your hair the way your significant other likes. It balances things out and trust me, they’ll appreciate the effort.

What are your thoughts? Do you think your significant other should have a vote in how you wear your hair?

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