How Fast Does Hair Grow and How To Make It Grow Faster

How Fast Does Hair Grow and How To Make It Grow Faster
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When it comes to growing thicker and longer hair there are two questions people ask the most often:

  1. How do I quickly grow my hair longer?
  2. How do I get my hair to become thicker?

Did you know that when you are born you have the total number of hair follicles on your head that you’ll ever have in your entire life?  On average most people are born with  about 100,000 hair follicles on their head.  Those follicles grow at about 1/2 inch (1.27 cm)  each month which is about 6 inches  in a year.

1/2 inch actual size

Visual of what 1/2″ (1.27 cm) looks like


Unfortunately, I think many people have unrealistic expectations about how fast their hair should or can grow.  However, in this article I want to uncover what you can do if you want to have the appearance of thicker and longer hair.  Below are some of the key factors that can improve hair growth and prevent your hair from thinning.


The body needs a lot of energy to make your hair grow. Missing out on healthy meals and nutrients can affect hair growth. It’s best to get nutrients from your diet, but supplements you may be try include: Omega-3, Zinc, Biotin, Iron, Vitamin C & D.  Please always consult your doctor before changing your diet or supplements.  Also be sure to incorporate “superfoods” into your diet to ensure that you’re not lacking the key nutrients for hair growth.

Essential Oils

Studies have shown that some essential oils can increase hair count or at least benefit hair growth. Pumpkin Seed is best for men, while Rosemary and Peppermint have been found to be extremely beneficial for women. Never apply essential oils directly to your skin – you will want to dilute them in your shampoo or with a carrier oil, like jojoba.  You can try the VoiceOfHair PureFix Hair Elixir, which is the perfect blend of all natural essential oils that seal in moisture and help promote growth.

Keep Up with Regular Trims

Trims are an essential part of any healthy hair routine.  Environmental factors, heat styling,  chemicals and daily maintenance can lead to split ends.  If you don’t cut your split ends then they will continue up the hair shaft and cause splits.  Those splits give the appearance of thinner hair and will eventually lead to breakage.  If you heat style your hair you should get trims every 6-8 weeks.  If you don’t apply heat to your hair you should still trim it quarterly.


Protein can help your hair grow and protect it from some chemical and environmental damage. A great protein treatment for your hair is coconut oil.  Coconut oil does not contain proteins itself, it is composed of approximately 50% lauric acid which helps restore and strengthen the protein structure of your hair. It helps reduce protein loss both before and after washing your hair. If you’re not sold on using coconut oil in your hair, then try to add more protein to your diet.

Minimize Heat & Chemicals

Chemicals and heat styling are just two examples of factors that can damage hair and even potentially cause hair loss.  Protective styles and working to minimize how much damage you cause to your hair can help hair grow long and strong.  Try using products that help you seal in moisture so that your hair will not become brittle and dry while you’re wearing those protective styles!

While you can try certain treatments to help your hair grow, remember that hair growth is often affected by other factors (some that are out of your control and some that aren’t) including: genetics, hormonal changes, nutrition, stress, trauma, and/or underlying medical conditions. Most importantly do not compare your rate of growth with others you see on social media. Comparing your hair journey to someone else will leave you frustrated and confused.

There are lots of options to try out, but in the end remember the most important thing is to love your hair!

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