4 Types of Hair Vitamins: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

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Hair vitamins are becoming a very popular part of healthy hair care regimens for women. A lot of women love them because of their many benefits like improving hair health. However, there are several different types of hair vitamins that have their own benefits and drawbacks. But what are the differences? In today’s blog, I’m going to share with you 4 Types of Hair Vitamins: The Good, Bad, and Ugly.

Before, I describe each hair vitamin type, I want to let you know that this week, I’ll be sharing with you the #1 hair vitamin that I recommend. We’ve been working on something special that I think you’re going to love. Stay tuned to voiceofhaircare.com for more updates. Okay, back to today’s article.

#1) Liquid Vitamins

Liquid vitamins are becoming very popular for many reasons. They are also easy to consume. You literally just have to swallow the vitamin like you would cough syrup. Another good benefit of liquid vitamins is that they are more easily digested than some other types. In addition, these vitamins have very good absorption so that your body can get the needed nutrients. However, one of the drawbacks with liquid vitamins is that they have to be refrigerated after being open. This can prevent you from just putting them in your bag and going for extended periods of time. With liquid vitamins you’ll need to make sure that you keep a cooler or something else cold with you for longer periods of time, once it has been opened.

#2) Powder Vitamins

Powder vitamins are beneficial because they are more rapidly absorbed by your body than pills. Also, people like taking powder vitamins because you can mix it into their food or beverage of choice. Some people like to add their powder vitamins to a smoothie or a bottle of water. Either way, powders are also easily consumed and offer good absorption into your body. However, one cons is that these vitamins can be messy and require measurement instruments, which can take more time.

#3) Pill Vitamins

Pills are the most traditional type of vitamins. If you’re already taking a lot of medications or have in the past, then taking another pill should not be too difficult. Another benefit of taking a pill hair vitamin is because this type is easily malleable, pills can often include many different minerals in them that may not be included in other type of vitamins. However, a drawback is that some pills can be difficult to swallow, which causes some people to forget to take them.

#4) Gummy Vitamins

I love chewable, gummy hair vitamins. These are some of the most popular types of vitamins because of several benefits they offer. First, gummy vitamins are easy to consume. Since they are chewable you don’t have to worry about swallowing a big “horse pill.” If you have difficulty swallowing pills, then gummy, chewable vitamins just might be right for you. Second, they’re usually very tasty and can remind you of childhood gummy bears. Also, this helps you remember to take them because you’ll actually look forward to eating them everyday (at least I do!). Be sure, however, to make sure that the vitamins don’t have too much extra sugar. It is typically good to avoid hair vitamins with more than 4 grams of sugar per serving. Gummy vitamins–unlike liquids, powders, and pills–will not present challenges for swallowing, are not messy, and don’t requirement any instruments to take. All in all, I actually recommend gummy vitamins as the best type. Finally, I recommend the VoiceOfHair gummy vitamins.

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