Erica’s Table of 20 Recap: 6 Tips for Success in The Hair & Fashion industry

Table for 20 Event Recap

Every month for the past 23 months, Erica Dias (@thebfirmpr), global publicist, author of, Faith It Until You Make It, and co-owner of ‘The B Firm’, hosts a luncheon of 20 hand selected, goal-oriented people that open up about their journey and goals.  The event gives a platform to not only inspire, but to also be inspired.  This month, April of 2017, focused on two stylists, Jess Mayeux and Antonio Brown, that were extremely transparent about how they started, what they’ve accomplished and where they hope to see themselves in the near future.

The two honorees, Jess Mayeux (@Jess_Jewel) and Antonio Brown (@Antonioismuted) shared their tips to success!

Jess Mayeux is a celebrity and television hairstylist, an entrepreneur, and a mother. Jess’ tips included:

  1.  It’s up to you stare the roadblocks in the eyes and just keep going.  Jess started doing hair at the age of 12, pursued her passion her whole life, and is now reaping all of the well earned benefits.
  2. Some people will question your ideas simply because they don’t like change, and that’s ok.  Carry those ideas out anyways.
  3. It’s important to treat everyone with V.I.P. service, you never know who’s sitting in your chair.


Antonio Brown is an author, creative director, and the founder of an empire LVL XIII. Antonio’s tips included:

  1. The greatest tests by man can be passed with faith.
  2. People will think you’re crazy until your ideas come to fruition and they start to see the success.
  3. Your upbringing does not define your future.  Who you were in the past doesn’t have to be who you are in the present or the future.


The lives of both speakers attested to the title of Erica Dias’ book, ‘Faith It Until You Make It’.  The hair world, the clothing world, EVERYONE’S world is ever changing and rolling with the punches is expected and necessary.  At, we encourage our audience to do the same and hope to see one of you in a seat at the table one day!

Event sponsored by Beauty Water H2O and Table Scape Designer, Johnnie Winston of Exclusive Designs LLC


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