Could Your Hair Products Be Exposing You to Cancer-Causing Ingredients?

Could your hair products be exposing you to cancer causing ingredients?

Do you care about the ingredients in your hair care products?  Until recently, most people haven’t put too much thought into the ingredients found in hair products.  However, a recent study has proven that it’s time to look closer at what is in these hair care products.  In this article, we will discuss whether or not your hair products could be exposing you to cancer-causing ingredients.


Silent Springs Study

A study by Silent Springs Institute shows that majority of the popular hair care products marketed towards black women contain multiple cancer-causing ingredients and other chemicals linked to weight gain, asthma, fertility issues, and more health concerns.

According to the study, 80% of the 18 products tested contained high levels of chemicals that are said to cause distortion to the endocrine system (which is made up of all the body’s different hormones).   The female ovaries, male testes, and pituitary, thyroid, and adrenal glands are major parts of the endocrine system. The study also found that 84% of the products were not listed on the product label. Furthermore, 72% of the products contained methylparaben and diethyl phthalate, an acid that emits toxic gases when burned.

The hair products tested contained 45 endocrine disrupting or asthma-associated chemicals, including every targeted chemical class. We found cyclosiloxanes, parabens, and the fragrance marker diethyl phthalate (DEP) at the highest levels, and DEP most frequently. Root stimulators, hair lotions, and relaxers frequently contained nonylphenols, parabens, and fragrances; anti-frizz products contained cyclosiloxanes.

Hair relaxers for children contained five chemicals regulated by California’s Proposition 65 [a 1986 law enacted to protect drinking water in the state from contamination from chemicals known to cause cancer, and reproductive issues] chemicals or prohibited by EU cosmetics regulation. Targeted chemicals were generally not listed on the product label.” – Silent Springs Institute, 2018

Could Your Hair Products Be Exposing You to Cancer Causing Ingredients?

A snippet from the Silent Springs Report, highlighting popular brands and types of products tested.

A product you can try that is free of all these harmful ingredients is the PureFix Hair Elixir, a 6-in-1 hair and scalp treatment. Its all-natural ingredients work together to support longer, stronger hair and to promote hair growth

Why Parabens Are Dangerous

Studies prove how parabens are harmful to use. We’ve previously written about how dangerous this ingredient can be in this article Parabens: How bad are they for your hair?  This is why it’s particularly concerning that the study also shows higher levels of parabens in the products specifically made for black women.

Exposure to these chemicals may cause the following diseases/illnesses:

  1. asthma
  2. early menstruation
  3. fertility issues
  4. obesity
  5. uterine fibroids
  6. increased premature birth rates among black girls and women;
  7. increased cases of breast and endometrial cancers


If you’re wondering about your most trusted products and whether or not they were on the list you can Click Here to read the full report.


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    I’m glad I stopped using some of these products a long time ago but it so strange when a lot of different chemicals get you sick good information to know by the way have you met any Saint Louis hairstylist that are good and you can recommend it seems like you have them in every city but Saint Louis Mo let me know when you do Brandy!!!

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