Why Hairstylists are Important at Pivotal Life Moments

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The hairstylist is more than a person who styles hair, he or she may also be considered a therapist, a magician, a confidant, a mediator, a political advisor and much more.  With this understanding of the many roles of a hairstylist one can see how important hairstylists are at important moments in a person’s life.  The significance of a hairstylist during important moments such as weddings, interviews, proms, reunions, celebrations of life/funerals, dates, or a night out on the town are inherently connected to the symbolism of appearance.

Many historical documents highlight the significance of appearance for not only noble figures as certain hairstyles communicated status but average citizens as well.  Many noble figures in ancient Africa/ Kemet were recorded as having personal hairstylists.  Such historical notions have continued into the present day for people of all social statuses where one develops a unique relationship with his or her hairstylist.  To simply say that a hairstylist is significant at pivotal moments in a person’s life because a person would like to look nice limits not only the significance of the beautification process but the inherent spiritual and communal aspects therein.  So the next time you visit your hairstylist think about why he or she is important to you because it is likely that the importance is more than mere aesthetics.

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