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Sharon, PA 

Allure & More provides the highest quality hair extensions obtainable. Each Bundle of our Alluring Virgin Hair is ranked grade AAAA which in the thriving hair industry is the best money can buy. Some manufactures mix synthetic fibers and animal hairs in their bundles to lower cost and give the impression that the hair is virgin. Here at Allure & More we provide NON-processed hair that has NEVER been chemically treated. All extensions can be dyed multiple times and come with the full cuticle intact and in the same direction.

We are located in the heart of downtown Sharon in western Pennsylvania. Although the town is very small our internet presence and outstanding quality separates us from the rest. We love to travel host pop-up shops attend and indulge in trade shows, marketing our brand and products at every chance we get. Allure & More was originally established by owner Tyann Hodges in Chicago, IL in 2011. Former college student turned Hairstylist sought after a quality in extensions like no other. A quality as alluring and glamorous as her lifestyle.


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