2017 Women’s March & What This Means Going Forward

Women's March 2017

673 Official “Sister Marches”

7 Continents.

29 marches in Canada.

20 marches In Mexico.

1 in Antartica.

168 of these marches took place in 81 other countries.

2 MILLION plus women.

WOMEN’S DAY MARCH STATISTICS (Source: “2017 Women’s March” Wikipedia)


(Photo of New York’s March – Source: 2017 Women’s March Wikipedia)


These numbers are MASSIVE and absolutely BEAUTIFUL! January 21, 2017 was definitely a day for the history books. To think, women from all walks of life – younger, “seasoned,” Sorority Sisters, Doctors, Lawyers, Grandmothers, Police officers, women from all races, religious backgrounds and tongues – joined forces around the globe to show their solidarity on issues such as racial equality, freedom of religious practices, healthcare, and several human rights issues. The Women’s March on Washington came in the lead with over 500,000 women, which was said to be the LARGEST political demonstrations since the anti-Vietnam War protests of the 1960s and 1970s (Source: Wikipedia). Celebrities were also spotted, such as Alicia Keys, Barbra Streisand, Chris Rock, and Alec Baldwin. To see the various Live Facebook videos made this moment so surreal, and this is one day that the world will never forget!

But…the question is…what does all of this REALLY mean?


(Photo of Chicago’s March – Source: 2017 Women’s March Wikipedia)


Well, here are three possible meanings:

  1. Women have finally realized their #POWER. We have always been looked at as the “weaker sex”, when in fact we are actually pretty strong. Women are responsible for how nations are born, and with that comes the responsibility to “nurture” those same nations. We are bringing attention to the fact that there would be no men to make the laws without women giving birth to those men (and women), and the powers that be ultimately have to “listen to their Mothers when they are speaking”.
  2. Women are very strong allies. Think about this for a minute; when you were a child, and in most cases, your Mother would be the one that you would run home and tell about the A on your math assignment, your 1st place science fair project, and when you got the lead role in the school play. You always felt your best when your Mother was behind you, cheering you on. When a woman gets “behind” you, the support is immeasurable. She will tell her friends, her friends will tell their friends, and before you know it, we will fight alongside you in war, we will solve problems that ultimately lead to the inaugural orbit around Earth, and then design some of the world’s most powerful monuments in support of your causes. When we’re with you, we are WITH YOU.
  3. Women will get results. We have had to sit back and watch men for so long make power moves, and we’ve learned a few things over the years. It is an amazing thing when an idea can turn into large numbers of women standing in agreement about what needs to be done, which now gives us the right to vote, the right to serve in the military as high ranking officers, and even the right to work in Congress, signing off on major bills/laws that will have an impact on future generations.

So what does the 2017 Women’s March mean? It means that we won’t be silenced, we will get behind what makes sense, and that we are powerful enough to make fighting a “thing of beauty”…by the millions.


(Photo of Atlanta’s Women’s March – Source: 2017 Women’s March Wikipedia)


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