10 Short Hairstyles Perfect for Summer

10 Short Hair Cuts
Credit: @dennydaily on Instagram

Summer is here and many of us are getting the “itch” to go short.  Check out these 10 hairstyles to find your next summer look if you’re ready to make the BIG CHOP!

Zendaya’s been serving looks with every hairstyle she’s taken on. This style has to be in her top 5! Finger waves are great for anyone who wants a happy medium of sophistication and sexy. Credit: @zendaya

These light curls and slight waves are a beautiful soft style for any girl looking to take that leap of faith! Credit: @pekelariley

Tap into your inner Nia Long with this gorgeous pixie cut. Bomb.com! Credit: @micahgianneli

Kehlani chopped her locs for this sleek short cut and we couldn’t be more pleased! Credit: @Kehlani

For all the natural beauties who are tired of the same ole routines, this tapered cut will definitely make heads turn. Credit: @Abigail.Martina

If you’re feeling like you want to take the edgier route, this cut is perfect for you! This undercut is one of the many variations that you can explore. Credit: @hair_brained

0 to 100… real quick. This sexy buzz cut is not meant for everyone. If you’re really serious about making a change, take this look and run with it. Credit: @alissa.ashley

10 Styles Perfect for Summer

Similar to the previous tapered cut, this style is for ladies who aren’t looking to fully commit to shaving too much off but still want the overall taper feel. Credit: @Alstyling on Instagram

This radiant beauty looks amazing with this low fro. Perfect for girls who want to go natural or natural girls who want to start over. Slick down those edges and you’re set!  Credit: @mynaturalsistas

Megan Good has always been beautiful but this cut only amplifies her amazing features! Ladies, this cut is a great transition style if you want to try out short hair but don’t want to commit to the pixie. Credit: @Megan Good

To make your hairstyles pop, we always recommend effective hair oil and hair vitamins to stimulate healthy and stronger hair.

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