How To Achieve a Bomb Perm Rod Set on Type 4 Kinky/Coily Hair

How to Acheive a Bomb Perm Rod Set on Type 4 Hair

Wearing your hair natural takes commitment and a bit of experimentation.  A lot of women will go on YouTube to find tutorials from others who have mastered a certain skill.  However, it’s hard to find someone with your texture to know how your hair will turn out.

That is why I was so excited to see this video tutorial from YouTuber @NaturallyTemi! My texture is similar to hers, more on the kinky-curly side and it usually requires some manipulation if worn in it’s natural state.  So when I saw her tutorial and how amazing the results turned out, it gave me hope that I could achieve the same look. This is also the perfect style if you’re transitioning from relaxed to natural hair.

Check out her tutorial and see for yourself.  If you want the exact same results, here are the products you will need:

Try it and see if you can get a similar result! She totally slayed this look.


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