5 Essential Tools for Maximum Natural Hair Growth

As a transitioner or a new natural, it’s so easy to buy each and every hair tool on the market, in the hopes that they will help to make your hair growth journey successful. But which tools are actually essential? In this post, I break down the right tools to help wash and style your hair, to minimize breakage and maximize length retention.


Naturally curly hair needs regular hydration! And in this regard, a spray bottle can become your best friend. Not only does a spray bottle help to give your thirsty strands a drink, it also helps to refresh that old wash-and-go or puff after it has been slept on, making your style look brand new!


Curls, kinks and coils can be fragile, and a lot of damage can be done during detangling. Wide-toothed combs are kinder to textured hair and make detangling much easier, as they are less likely to tear or break the hair. You can check out THIS VIDEO to see which wide-toothed combs are my favorites!


Plastics caps are perfect for covering your hair after applying your favorite deep conditioner, but also great for the ‘baggying’ method for those times when your hair needs some extra moisture. Oh, and did I mention that they are great for hot oil treatments too?


If you use a cotton pillowcase, it is oh-so-important to cover your hair at night – cotton sucks up moisture! So you may find that your lovely moisturized strands from the night before feel like the Sahara in the morning, unless you cover with a silk or satin bonnet or headscarf. If these don’t work for you, you may prefer a silk or satin pillowcase instead.


And when I say hair ties, I mean the no-metal kind. Ties containing metal pieces can tear the hair and cause breakage. But thankfully there are some on the market which are designed to be almost seamless and much kinder to hair. Also, hair ties are useful for sectioning the hair, which is a lifesaver during wash day!

What are the essential tools that you cannot live without?

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Brandelyn Green is the Founder of VoiceOfHair, a platform to help women of color find the best hair care products, regimens and hairstyles! Since starting VoiceOfHair in 2014 she has grown the social media platform to over 1MM+ on Instagram and Facebook. As a natural who is also a salon goer, she wanted to create a platform where people could find the best products, hairstylists, advice and trends.
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  • Terri Jennings says:

    Hello I am very Interested in it but I have a question . How much is it for 2 bottles I know you have One battle was sale for $2 cheaper but I keep coming back to this video and 1 of the videos that you show When here I am like that person but I wanna know how much would it be for 2 bottles . I don’t have Money like that. But it looks more interesting I just need to know how much is it for 2 bottles of. Thank you by the way .

  • I need to know what is a good hairstyle for the summer I heard about the water wave girls. Would that be a good style for me to wear during the summer if I would like to get my hair wet

    • Hey Cynthia, if you are planning to completely submerge your hair in water you will want to wear a style like box braids, cornrows or even two-strand twists. If possible, rinse your hair thoroughly with clean water after swimming and wear a swim cap if you plan to go underwater. It’s a good idea to wet your hair completely before you dive in so that your hair can’t soak up as much chlorine and salt water.

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