How to Pineapple your Hair

How to Pineapple Your Hair
Photo: @iliandraa on Instagram

How many times have you finally gotten your perm rod set or your wash & go to turn out perfectly, only to be ruined the next day because you didn’t know how to maintain those curls? Or have you ever spent what seemed like hours, wand curling your hair but then realized you had no way to actually preserve those curls?

Well, the pineapple method is what you’ve been missing.  Pineappling is essentially taking your hair in one large section and bunching it up on top of your head (resembling the shape of a pineapple).  As a result, your curls will stay intact and you’ll be free to wrap up your hair and sleep on the side or back of your head without fear of ruining those precious locks!

Here’s an example of how pineappling helps @naturallynella on Instagram.

In the past I wasn’t a fan of the pineapple, but in all fairness I had never tried  it before. I just told myself it wouldn’t work for me. But one day that changed and boom! I was amazed.

So when it comes to pineappling your hair, I think it works best for  medium to long hair. If you have shorter hair,  you can do it but  you will probably have to do  3-4 ponytails (mini pineapples) to make it work.

Still unsure of what this looks like? Here’s how I pineapple my hair:
Use a regular sized ponytail holder, it holds your hair in place the best. Make sure your hair is placed on the very top of your head. Down below is an example of how I pineapple to preserve my twist out.

And that’s it! It’s easy and it works.  Let me know if this worked for you!



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