5 Celebs & Their Hairstylists Who Serve !

Issae Rae with Hair styled by Loving Your Hair
Issa Rae with hair styled by @lovingyourhair Photo Credit: Jason LaVeris / Getty Images

All of these Celebs show us the true versatility of our hair! While many choose to stay natural, extensions are and always will be a great way to enhance your look or completely change it. Along with the help of their stylists, we get to see our faves rock styles that keep us guessing on how to’s and what’s next’s. Be sure to check out these talented Stylists and show some love for keeping our 5 lovelies super fresh !


Janelle Monet

Her infamous pompadour has evolved into a plethora of beautifully textured hairstyles especially over the last year. @Nikkinelms is behind a lot of her most recent bedazzled looks and I am loving the creativity shown with these oh so random accent pieces.

Taraji P Henson

She rocks a bob like no other. Showing off sleek looks with a flawless finish, there is always a point of interest when she steps out and for me, it always starts with the hair! @Tymwallacehair slays every time. From textured pony’s to smoothed out top knots, Taraji has been serving us for years just like the finest wine Girl she keeps getting better.

Yara Shahidi

This Young Queen gives me life with her natural curls! She sees Deva Certified stylist @curlfactor to get the shape just right! The hairstylists on the set of Black-Ish know exactly what they are doing as they display a multitude of natural styles for the key cast members.

Solange Knowles

We were given “A Seat at the Table” and now I also need a seat in @nikkinelms chair! Once again we see her creative skills using braids with heavy beading and displaying how texture can be created and expressed through hair in the most artistic ways. Since Solange proclaimed her natural tresses a few years back, she has been giving us hairstyles that make me that much more proud to be Black!



 Issa Rae 

Such a beautifully “Awkward Black Girl” she has come to be on the red carpet! She loves to rock natural styles with the expert opinion of Felecia Leatherwood who is the go to guru for naturals who are all about @lovingyourhair. Cornrows enhanced with colour and extension create looks that remind naturals of the versatility within our tresses.

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