4 Tips for Personalizing Your Curly Girl Method

4 Tips for Personalizing Your Curly Girl Method
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If you are a curly girl then you are familiar with the struggle of trying to maintain bouncy, full, and beautiful curls on a regular basis. As a curly girl, you can find yourself faced with multiple challenges while trying to keep those curls poppin’. Many people credit Lorraine Massey for popularizing the Curly Girl Method. The purpose of the technique is to help women maintain their curly hair without using shampoos, and other heat styling techniques that can damage the natural curl pattern. The method is intended for all curly girls to have an easy and accessible regimen that provides moisturized curls. It would be great to bounce out of bed and have your curls look like this:

Below are 4 Tips on Personalizing Your Curly Girl Method. 

#1 Define Your Curl Pattern

There are many different types of curl patterns and the Curly Girl Method works for all curl types.  First you need to determine if your hair is wavy, curly, or coiled. Knowing your texture will be important, this will help you personalize the treatment accordingly. The curly girl method focuses on avoiding over-shampooing the hair so that your natural oils can moisturize and nourish dry areas. Knowing your hair type gives a better idea of how often you should shampoo. 

#2 Pick Your Styling Products 

Picking the right products is essential to making sure that the Curly Girl Method is perfect for you! First, you will need to make sure that the conditioner and gel of choice are free of sulfates, parabens, alcohols, and fragrances. Oils are also  essential for this styling method.  The Voice of Hair PureFix Elixir, is a great choice and is safe and healthy for you to use directly on your scalp and massage in for blood stimulation. 

#3 Know How Often to Cleanse Your Hair

How often you cleanse your hair is directly correlated to your curl type. If you have a wavy texture, you can use a regular shampoo once a week. Always condition before and after you shampoo. Curly textures can go without shampoo but will need to co-wash along with conditioning as often as once a week. Coily textures are only required to shampoo hair when absolutely necessary. According to this method, if you have this texture you will need to focus on co-washing regularly and conditioning between co-wash days.

#4 Identifying The Best Style For You 

 The most important factors to the curly girl method are in daily care and styling. The curly girl method is designed for you to use small amounts of heat by air-drying hair or wet setting with styling cream and conditioner. This will be essential for restoring damaged hair. The less heat you use, the faster your hair will recover and start looking healthy again.

If you are considering giving the Curly Girl Method a try and you’re in need of an oil that is Curly Girl Method approved, check out our Voice of Hair PureFix Elixir. This is a unique blend of 25+ natural, vegan ingredients formulated to support longer, stronger and nourished hair.  This a product in which you can use directly on your scalp. You will massage in to stimulate blood flow to the scalp, which helps stimulate hair growth.  This oil also has the added benefit of sealing in moisture and leaving your hair feeling extremely soft.

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