TENSION ROLLERS: What Are They & Why Are They Trending?

What are Tension Rollers
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Tension rollers are the new rollers to use when someone wants their hair straight but full of volume and body. Wait, there is an additional perk, LESS HEAT!!! That’s right! You can achieve the same look with tension rollers that you would get with your normal blow dry and flat iron.

Let’s break it down. I’m sure everyone is familiar with the traditional roller set and the rollers that are used. Tension rollers are somewhat like those rollers, but better! Why? There are more benefits with tension rollers.


Photo: Instagram @studiotechilo

Tension Rollers are:

  • Great for achieving different styles. Once dry you can wear the curls as is or you can straighten your hair. Both will be full of body.
  • For all hair textures. Straight to wavy to curly. It doesn’t matter if you are relaxed or natural. Anyone can use these rollers and benefit from them. The possibilities are endless!
  • Great for my curly girls that want to get their hair straightened, but don’t want to jeopardize their curl pattern.
  • A healthier choice for your hair as less direct heat is being used.
  • Fully vented which lessens your dryer time. Ladies who don’t like the dryer but want to get a roller set, try the tension rollers.
  • Uniquely shaped (hourglass shaped) and has smooth grooves which gives you a better curl full of bounce.
  • Tension rollers are used the same way that the hard rollers are used. They just look different and they give you different results.


In conclusion, tension rollers are a healthy way to achieve straight hair full of body or beautiful curls with volume.

Watch this clip to see how they work.

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Shannon McGlathery

Shannon McGlathery

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