How often should you deep condition your hair?

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Is deep conditioning really necessary? How often should it be done?  What should you use to deep condition your hair?  These are just a few of the questions that many women have about maintaining their hair.

I want to take a few minutes to break it down.  Most clients do not realize the importance and the main benefits of deep conditioning, until we share it with them. Deep conditioning is where we receive the bulk of the hydration that our hair so deeply needs. It allows for more moisture retention especially when accompanied by a pre oil cleanse. It helps to repair hair that has been striped of its natural proteins. It gives life to brittle hair that is not used to receiving or holding on to moisture.

Back to the question at hand: How often should you deep condition?
When the hair tells you so! I recommend deep conditioning on a weekly – bi weekly basis for the most part. When you are training your hair to hold on to more moisture , weekly deep conditioning is best. This way, the hair does not get to the point of dehydration. It is constantly and consistently filled with and able to retain the moisture its given. If you wash your hair twice a week, try a co wash mid way and then do your deep condition on your main cleanse day.

Here’s a video of a DIY Deep conditioning treatement:


When your hair feels and looks dry, it most likely is. So, feed it what it needs! At my salon, Curly Hair Designs,  we use Earthtones Naturals Hair Care Line to keep our Curls Coils and Kinks on top! Trial and Error may be the way for you to find the best product for you. Stay strong on your hair journey ya’ll.


You got this!

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  • Avatar Camilla Mueller says:

    Where is your shop? Do you help with or know anything about hair loss for Black women? Or how to style and take care of your hair as it comes back in? Please let me know look forward to hearing from you.

    • Brandelyn Green Brandelyn Green says:

      Hi Camilla, I’m not a hairstylist. I created this platform to provide hair inspiration and information and I highlight a lot of hairstylists and beauty professionals as well.

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