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 In this 3 part series, I will discuss how 3 naturalistas  achieve healthy hair after heat damage with the right amount of patience, styling techniques, and product selections!

Continue reading to find out how each of us powered our way through our heat damage with the right amount of patience, styling techniques, and product selections 

What IS Heat Damage? 

In Pt.1 of this series, I told you what is Heat Damage and how to tackle it.  Read more about that here.

So, you wanna found out how one of my curlfriends dealt with our damage?  We want you to know that no matter your hair type damage CAN happen, but you can also get your hair back to health!  Read the story below and know that you are not alone. Now, I want to share with you Lashonda’s story and tell you how she dealt with heat damage!


LASHONDA @blasiandoll11

Transitioning Style with heat damage

How long have you been natural? ltrasn

I have been natural 18 however I loved me a flat-iron, I got my hair done weekly so this is a two-part answer I started my recovery from heat damage in January 2013.

What is your hair type according to the typing chart or by any description you choose?

I have different textures in my hair the back is a 3c and the front the curls are a little looser so like 3b.

When & how did your damage occur?

I was terrified of the big chop so I personally chose to get trims and let the het damage grow out. So it took 2 years to grow out. I know you are thinking that is a long time but with protective styles during the process it helps tremendously, patience is key.

What was/is your go-to style while dealing with the damage?

When I had heat damage my go to style was the curlformers to create curls because the first year I was not about that sit and wait until your hair is dry life with perm rods.

What product(s) would you most recommend for heat damaged hair?

While battling heat damaged hair I made sure I did protein treatments and deep conditioned once a week I did home remedies because at the time it fit my budget.

Final thoughts for my curl friends: 

I hope my pictures of my heat damaged hair can inspire you that you can nurse your way back to healthy hair and amazing curls. If you are an individual that does not want to big chop there is still hope but the results may take a little longer.

LashondaHeat DamageHealthy, happy curly hair after heat damage!!


Are you dealing with heat damage too? Share your experience in the comments below. Tell me how you’re coping, what products are getting you through, and if this article was helpful for you!

Until next time!

~Moe Diva

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