Simplistic Faux Loc Tutorial

Faux Locs on Philly Stylist @ItsMilan_Baby
Faux locs on Philly Hairstylist @ItsMilan_Baby
Faux locs is the newest craze in the hair world. You get to rock the dread loc look, without having to commit to them! It’s a great protective style, meaning that your hair is protected from the elements, and it’s super low manipulation.
So if you’re like me, you’ve been browsing social media looking at beautiful pictures of faux locs and yearning to get some yourself!  I decided to try them out and create a tutorial for you guys! I tried to make this as easy as possible to follow and I think I accomplished the simplicity of it!
It’s pretty difficult to write the steps in words, so I think the visuals in this tutorial will do a much better job!
Check out the video below to see how I accomplished this super cute protective style!

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@simplyjade_101 is relatively new to the blogging industry (about 2 years), but is no stranger to natural hair & natural hair care. She's been natural her whole life but has had many hiccups along the way, including severe heat damage and color damage. She has a YouTube channel (SimplyJade101) where her goal is to demonstrate the simplicity of hair care and remind us that you don't need to over complicate things in an effort to maintain healthy hair. She is a School Counselor and a newlywed, simply enjoying the balancing act of her career, marriage and blogging/YouTubing!



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