The Importance of Hair Steaming & How to Do It

The importance of Hair Steaming and How to Do It
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Hair Steaming is a great option for soft, smooth and manageable hair. If you have never had this done before, you will love the way your hair looks and feels after a steaming treatment. Many salons offer this service, but this is something you can definitely do at home. It just takes some tools, some confidence, and determination to get the hair of your dreams!

Ok, so what exactly is Hair Steaming?

Because natural hair can make it difficult for the hair’s natural oils to travel from the scalp to the ends of the hair, this can result in your hair becoming dry, coarse, and hard to manage. A hair steamer, simply put, uses steam to moisturize dry hair.  Hair steamers deliver moisture to the entire length of your hair by creating a humid environment. This provides moisture to your hair, when you sit under the dome and your hair, from the root to the tip, receives moisture so it becomes soft and smooth.

What are the benefits of Hair Steaming?

  1. Get rid of buildup – Steaming your hair and scalp on a regular basis allows the buildup of products from the scalp to be flushed out.  Just like when you steam your face to open the pores, hair steaming opens up your hair follicles. The steam helps cleanse your scalp and hair. It helps open up the pores and the hair cuticles so the impurities can come out.
  2. Allows products to penetrate the hair shaft – Deep conditioners work best when the hair can actually absorb it. With natural hair, the tight coils and curls often make it hard for the treatments to absorb fully. Heat from the steamer can assist with this problem. Steaming opens the cuticle layer, helping you get the most out of your conditioning treatments, and it can even help you save money, because you can use less of a product to get results.
  3. Improves elasticity – Elasticity is the hair strand’s ability to stretch and shrink without breaking or experiencing other kinds of damage. Steaming hair allows you to style hair without any worry of hair breaking off. Steam can help hair feel more flexible, well moisturized hair is not brittle and won’t break as easily.
  4.  Better hair growth – Hair that does not break easily won’t feel dry, won’t have frizz, and won’t be prone to split ends. It will keep growing the way natural hair should and you never have to worry about breakage and hair fall.

Photo: @luvtorriebeauty

Can I Hair Steam at Home?

There are many great hair steamers that you can purchase to use at home. This can save you time and money in avoiding the salon as often and may even give you better hair, since you can do this more often.

@luvtorriebeauty steams her hair on a regular basis since she has a hair steamer at home and says:

My hair is softer, shinier and overall stronger! It also really makes my scalp feel great (when used with the VoiceOfHair PureFix Hair Elixir).

There are also some DIY options if you want to try it without purchasing a Hair Steamer. Check it out:

  1. Put on a processing cap or shower cap. Make sure it is nice and tight on your head.
  2. Soak a towel in purified water.
  3. For added moisture, take a few drops of your favorite natural hair oil, such as the VoiceOfHair PureFix Hair Elixir
  4. Place towel of choice in microwave until it becomes very warm, 2-3 minutes.
  5. Squeeze some excess water out and wrap around your head.
  6. Cover your towel-wrapped head with a plastic bag large enough to fit over your entire head.
  7. Sit under a bonnet dryer for 10minutes – 15 minutes.
  8. Rinse your hair and shampoo & condition as normal

Obviously there are a lot of great benefits to hair steaming and lots of ways to get it done. Whether you go to a salon, purchase your own hair steamer, or try a do it yourself option – your hair will definitely thank you! Are you ready to take your home hair routine to the next level?

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