Mother’s Day Tribute: 10 Mommy and Kid Photos We Love!

Voice of Hair recognizes that the job of being a mom is THE toughest job on the planet.  There is no cash payment or monetary rewards, no Emmy’s, no Grammy’s, but moms do get a special day to be honored and recognized for their assiduous efforts.  That day of course is Mother’s Day and Voice of Hair would like to share 10 photos that exhibit the essence of, motherhood.


Photo credit: @jummyoyemi


Photo credit: @momcrushmonday


Photo Credit: @knixandkna


Photo credit: @nappstar_nyc


Photo Credit: @dayannanutter





@ke_de_ne & @wolfe_mama

 @ke_de_ne and @wolfe_mama




Brandy & Riley

@voiceofhair founder Brandy Green

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