15 of The Best Hair Makeovers of All Time

Stylist @modimel!
One of our favorites! This little beauty is cute with straight or kinky hair-- but we're amazed by how long her hair is when pressed out. Great work by Brooklyn Stylist @modimel!

How many times have you come across a stylist’s page on social media and wondered what it would be like if they styled your hair? I know I have!  When you’re searching for a new stylist one of the best things to take a look at are before and after pictures of their work. This helps give you an idea of what you can expect after sitting in their chair (of course you have to consider how similar your hair is to the one in the picture. Remember, your stylist is a hair artist not a hair magician!)

On the VoiceOfHair Instagram page we like to post a lof of “transformations” to showcase different stylist’s skills in addition to helping others see the steps taken to reach their ideal look.  The most amazing hair transformations tend to be the ones that are most dramatic. We’ve compiled a list of hairstyles that not only wowed us but also our Instagram followers.  The transformations here range from natural hair styles to short hair cuts to kids hairstyles.  This is just a snippet of what we’ve seen, but as you know we’re always looking for amazing hairstyles to share with our community.

Here are a few of our picks for 15 of the best hair makeovers of all time!

Red pixie cutAnthony Cuts before and afterStylist @modimel!

Now that you’ve seen some of the looks that were most popular with our audience, which one is your favorite?  Do you have a before and after that should have made the list? Send it our way!

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