Marcel Irons Vs Plug-in Irons- Which Work Best?

Marcel vs Plug-in Irons

Short hair cuts are trending on the hair scene. You can look at any high fashion magazine or on any red carpet and you’re bound to see sassy short cuts rocked by all types of women. Among the short hair community, there  has been much to say about which styling method is the best: marcel curling or plug-in curling irons.  We caught up with Dallas, TX short hair expert and master stylist Brandy Lucas and co-owner of Mane & Groom Barber & Beauty Salon to get her thoughts on the topic.


What are Marcels?

For many years short hair was only curled with marcel curling irons. For those who may be wondering  marcel irons are rods shaped irons used to induce curl into the hair with heat from an electric stove.

However the game changed drastically over the last few years with the introduction of new, smaller plug in flat irons . Manufactures started making plug-in irons in smaller sizes that are perfect for curling short hair, which was once was impossible to do with electric irons.


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A Shift in the Industry

As a result, a lot stylist stayed away from short hair styling because they hadn’t mastered the art of marcel curling.  (Trust me, it takes some time and practice to perfect it). Today you can find a vast array of eclectic irons by countless companies, at several price points. Honestly, It seems like the playing field has been evened out.


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These new tools appear to be a win for stylists, but how are clients liking this new modern twist? When asked their preference on social media polls, there were split opinions. Some people prefer plug-in irons and some still prefer the old fashioned marcel curls. Those who are not fans of plug-ins had the common gripe that their styles don’t last as long with plug in irons as the do with marcel irons.  There could be some truth to that– but the stylist technique is always key!

As a stylist and owner of a precision cut focused salon, Brandy has built her business on the old school traditional skills, using marcel irons. She has also incorporated new trendy tools along with new techniques. Brandy doesn’t believe that one method is superior to the other.  She feels that the most important factor is knowing what tools should be used to achieve the best results on what type of hair.

There are countless benefits to using either tool however, mastering how to use them both is the sweet spot.


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So what do you say? Are you a fan of marcel irons or plug in curling irons?

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