How To Make Your Flexi Rod Set Beautiful & Bouncy

If you’re looking for a way to achieve smooth, bouncy, and defined curls without the use of chemicals or a curling iron, then a flexi rod set may be the perfect solution.

the process of a smooth & bouncy flexi rod set

Tee Rachel is a young lifestyle blogger with a passion for natural hair. Tee says, “I truly enjoyed the clean ingredients that VoiceOfHair provides for us Curly Girls. Aloe Leaf Juice, Silk Amino Acid, Black Seed, Olive AND Castor Oil! I’m sold–not only was the slip amazing but I love the scents as well!”

Tee used the VoiceOfHair Nourish & Grow Bundle and 35 (1.6 cm) flexi rods to for this look. It took 4.5 hours for her high-porosity hair to dry completely and she was able to rock this style for 7 days. 

What are Flexi Rods?

Flexi Rods are foam curlers that you can bend, twist, and roll to set your hair in a curl. You do not need any additional clamps to secure them to your head. They come in various colors and sizes. You should choose a length and thickness based on how long your hair is and how tight or loose you want your curls to appear. Generally speaking, the larger the flexi rod, the looser the curl it will create.

What is a Flexi Rod Set?

A Flexi Rod set is a term used to describe the process of curling the hair by applying flexi rods to small sections of wet or damp hair and then allowing it to dry and set in place.

woman with a smooth and bouncy flexi rod set natural hairstyle holding products to moisturize natural hair

Some women say that their flexi rod sets “never turn out right”, or that they “don’t have the right hair texture” to rock them. However, a flexi rod set is simple and easy to do on all hair types with the right technique and a little practice.

But there are certain measures you have to take to ensure that your curls come out looking just the way you want them to. Here are 6 steps to make your flexi rod set beautiful and bouncy every time:

Step 1: Wash & Condition Your Hair

A clean and moisturized head of hair is the foundation of most healthy hair styles. Before you begin the process of installing your flexi rods, you should thoroughly shampoo and condition your hair. You can apply a small amount of oil afterwards to seal in moisture. If you have coarse/tight curls, or if you want a more voluminous look, you can blow dry your hair to stretch it before the curling process.

Step 2: Detangle Your Hair

Once your hair is clean and conditioned, your ready to begin the styling process. Gently detangle your hair from your ends to the roots. You can use a gliding detangling brush, a Denman brush, or a comb to section and smooth the hair.

Step 3: Apply A Styling Product With Hold

Take a small section of hair, no thicker than 1 inch, and saturate it with styling foam or a leave-in cream with hold. Don’t be stingy with your product application. Use a generous amount and make sure the hair is adequately coated with product.

woman with a smooth and bouncy flexi rod set natural hairstyle holding a leave in moisturizing cream for natural hair

Step 4: Wrap Your Hair Around the Flexi Rod

After you saturate a small section of hair with your styling product of choice, wrap the section hair around the flexi rod. You can start from the bottom of the curler and roll your way up. Or, you can split the section of hair into two, and place the flexi rod horizontally at the center of the two sections. Wrap one section of the hair on one side of the flexi rod, and then the other section on the opposite end. Fold the flexi rod set like a horseshoe to secure the curler to your head.

Regardless of which direction you choose to bend the flexi rod, the most important part of this step is to make sure to pull the hair smooth and tight around the roller. This will give you smooth and bouncy curls.

Step 5: Allow Your Hair To Dry Thoroughly

This step can make or break your flexi rod set. If you take your curls down before your hair is thoroughly dry, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Flexi rod sets work because water temporarily weakens the bonds of your hair. When the bonds are weakened, they can be reset into another shape. When you dampen your hair with water and a styling product, and then wrap it around the flexi rod, you cause your hair to temporarily take on a different shape–the perfect curl. This shape is set into place once the hair is dry. But if you take out the curler before the hair is fully dry, the shapeshifting process is ruined.

To prevent flexi rod set from looking limp, frizzy, or puffy, allow your hair to dry overnight. If your hair takes a long time to dry, or if you’re in a rush, you can sit under a soft bonnet dryer to speed up the process.

Step 6: Use Oil In the Takedown Process 

You can use a small amount of oil when taking down the rods to prevent frizz and add shine. Apply the oil to your hands and rub them together before unraveling the flexi rods from your hair. Gently separate each curl in half, and twirl the ends of each curl around your finger. Fluff with a pick or a wide tooth comb to add volume. 

The Key Takeaway

The secret to a smooth and bouncy flexi rod set is to make sure your hair is damp and smooth when you wrap it around the flexi rod, but dry when you unwrap it. If you follow the steps listed above, use the right products, and take your time, you can achieve gorgeous, effortless curls.

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