Cash In on Your Beauty Brand with TikTok & Reels, even with Little Social Media Skills or a Small Following!

Are you ready to revolutionize your beauty brand's success on social media? Picture this: a thriving online community eagerly engaging with your products, driving sales day in and day out. Imagine effortlessly creating content that captivates your audience, boosts your brand visibility, and, most importantly, consistently leads to sales. Welcome to SocialSales Mastery, the game-changing 6-week program designed exclusively for beauty brand owners like you.

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“As seen in:

Start having 4-figure and 5-figure sales days like this.

The Struggle is Real, But So Are the Solutions

In the competitive world of beauty brands, the struggle to stand out, connect with your audience, and convert views into sales is all too real. You've poured your heart and soul into your products, but navigating the ever-changing landscape of social media can be overwhelming and frustrating. The good news? You're not alone, and the solutions are within reach.

Results from Using My Strategies.

-Aaris Grant: @BlackChurchTok

“Grew Account to 628K followers in 1 year. Launched products and now has brand deals!”

- Alicia Jones: @Beautiful_Coils

“Working with Brandy has been life-changing. I've seen my content improve, my followers grow...the quality of my story telling has improved so much.”

Why Wait? Enroll now and start making sales consistently and get your products into
the hands of those who need it most.

If you’re ready to turn your posts into consistent sales
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I’m not teaching you something I researched. I’m teaching you what I actually learned! There are a bunch of
“social media coaches” who will try to tell you how to make money online but haven’t done it themselves.

Total Value: $3,287

Get started for $997 with payment plans as low as $249

Here’s What You Get When You Enroll in SocialSales Mastery

6 Live Training Sessions with Q&A included

Recordings of Each Session After Each Session is Completed

The formula for creating reels and TikToks that drive sales​

Create a content strategy that works for you (Valued at $2500)

This live training program will how you how to revolutionize your beauty brand's success on social media without being overwhelmed.


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Here’s What You’ll Learn inside of The Program

Week 1: Where to Shine & Solidify

We’ll uncover where your customers hang out and help you build strong pillars
for a steady flow of sales.

Week 2: Nailing Content Like You've Been Doing It Forever

Get ready to breeze through content creation – like you've been acing it your whole life!

Week 3: Captivate & Engage: Video Mastery

Discover video tricks that keep people watching, engaging, and most importantly, buying.

Week 4: Dynamic Content: Short, Long & Captivating Calls to Action

Time to craft content that stands out by leveraging SEO and captions that make your audience click buy

Week 5: Influencer Impact & Viral Hooks

Let's dive into the world of influencers and craft hooks that make your brand go viral for more visibility and sales.

Week 6: Effortless Engagement & Sales Mastery

Get ready to effortlessly conquer live sessions, and learn how to easily establish daily touchpoints that prime your customers to buy on Instagram and TikTok.

If You’re Ready To Turn Your Posts Into Consistent Sales On Social Media Then Let’s Get Started Today.

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4 Payments

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One-time Payment

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Total Program Value: $3,287

Get started for $997 with payment plans as low as $249

So, where does this leave you?

If you've made it to this point, I'm betting you have a vision for your future. Maybe it's reshaping your beauty brand into a powerhouse on social media, consistently driving sales and forming a devoted community. It could be about running your beauty business on your terms, leaving a lasting mark in the industry.

Your dream is one-of-a-kind, and now, you have the opportunity to bring it to life. SocialSales Mastery isn't just a program; it's your toolkit to transform your unique vision into reality.

Sure, stepping into this new territory might seem daunting. It's alright if uncertainty creeps in; it's a natural part of change. You could choose to stick to the familiar, play it safe, and ponder 'What if?'

But if you're ready to embrace the challenge, to elevate your beauty brand into something extraordinary – I'm here to guide you. Over the next 6 weeks, we'll embark on a transformative journey together. You'll have direct access to me, ensuring you're never stuck or unclear. With nearly a decade of experience running my own beauty brand, I've distilled the lessons, sifted through the trial and error, and created a program that's already unlocking success stories for business owners just like you.

Ready to turn your dream into a thriving reality? Join the SocialSales Mastery movement now, and let's make your beauty brand unstoppable.

If You’re Ready To Turn Your Posts Into Consistent Sales On Social Media Then Let’s Get Started Today.

Best Value


4 Payments

Best Savings


One-time Payment

Your SalesMastery Coach

I'm Brandelyn Green, the force behind the SocialSales Mastery Program. As CEO and Founder of VoiceOfHair, I've grown my audience to 1.2 million and consistently generated over $1 million annually. My journey, blending corporate expertise with beauty industry insights, equips me to guide beauty brand owners like you in building successful brands and driving consistent sales through social media. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting, I'm excited to share my proven strategies to elevate your brand. Let's make strides together!

Frequently Asked Questions:

This is a live training program that will be recorded, for on-demand access after the live session.

The live training is an opportunity to learn the strategies and raise questions. This makes the program infinitely more valuable than a pre-recorded class.

The first live session will be Jan. 11th, 2024. The following sessions will be held weekly on Thursday at 8PM ET/ 7 PM CT/ 6PM PT

The replay will be posted on Fridays by 12PM CT.

Week 1 Module will drop on Monday, Dec. 18th. You will have access to all of the bonuses to get started until the live session.

Due to the nature of this program, there are no refunds. However, if you put in the work and implement you will see results!

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