The Perfect Natural Beat

How to do a Natural Beat
Credit: @doyouboo
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Y’all my favorite thing to do is beat my face. It’s crazy how much I have fallen in love with makeup over this past year. I’m constantly working on getting better and I have defiantly come a a very long since my box eyebrow days. I’m more of a matte full coverage type of girl, but sometimes I  just want a natural beat. In the video below I show you exactly how I do a “no makeup makeup look.”

I used the La Girl Pro Coverage Illuminating Foundation because, for me, if gives off such a natural finish. The key to a natural beat is to use a medium coverage foundation. You also want to use a concealer that is your skin tone or only one shade lighter. My favorite part when doing my face is applying a highlighter. Now, you don’t want to go too crazy for a natural look. My favorite highlighter EVER for my natural days is the Anastasia Beverly Hills illuminator in the shade Peach Nectar.

Here’s a full list of the products I used:

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