Natural Hair Silk Press with E’tae Hair Products

Silk Press Transformation on Natural Hair
Photo Credit: @ChristineAmor_ on Instagram
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E’tae hair products produce great results for all styles, but they are best known for producing great silk press results. Being that I wanted to have a silk press done; I decided to give them a try!

Carmel Deep Reconstructing Treatment

This product is instructed to go on the hair first. It has honey, bananas, olive oil and a ton of other natural ingredients. I loved the smell of this! Creating natural shine is one of the claims for this product and it defiantly held up to its expectations!

Carmelux Deep Penetrating Treatment Shampoo

This shampoo is sulfate free and enriched with 20 natural ingredients. I am not one who is very sensitive when it comes to looking for a shampoo. As long as it has some great ingredients and gets my hair clean I am good. This shampoo has a great ingredients, smell, lather, and it left my hair squeaky clean.

Carmelux Silk Protein Conditioner

I am not sensitive with shampoos but when it comes to conditioners I certainly am. Reviews are never based on what I look for in a product but what the product claims to do. With this conditioner it is said to eliminate breakage, improve texture and create body and volume. My hair already has enough volume for my whole household so I did not really look for that claim, but I did notice less breakage and a ton of shrinkage. I have never seen my hair shrink up so fast but our hair is magic so I didn’t mind it. I absolutely loved the slip and shine that it gave.

E’tae Buttershine

The buttershine is full of moisturizing ingredients. I had applied a small amount before my blow out, and I didn’t really notice a big difference. I tried it on a section before my hair was flat ironed and my hair was weighed down slightly. I didn’t want to apply too much because one of the keys to a great silk press is to not have the hair weighed down with product. This is one that I will revisit when I do my normal blowout with more product applied.

Over all this line is great! With the proper styling tools and technique this line all together gave me shine, moisture and a great silk press!

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  • lise says:

    Does it help with movement? I will not be straightening my hair with it, but when I do my twist outs my hair does not move at all so I’m hoping that this helps give my hair some movement

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