Itchy Scalp & Hair Growing Solution: Glovers Mane

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Glovers Mane It Stinks So GOOD!

I have a very itchy scalp and it’s not just when I wear weaves, it’s also when I wear my hair pressed or in  braids and even a ponytail. I have tried many things to nourish my scalp, but  never really found anything. I just used a rat tail comb, scratched my scalp and kept it moving. Many of my clients suffer from the same thing and one evening before bed a little light bulb came on! I need to try Glovers Mane as an itchy scalp & hair growing solution!

Back in the day Glovers Mane used to be called “Dog Mange.” As my Dad told me, while my mother was putting this funky stuff on my head,  “I know that smell that’s that Dog Mange…They used to use that on the dogs when they would get mangy and lose their hair.” I was mortified I thought that my hair would stink for ever!!! Fortunately, it didn’t and the results were amazing!

Glovers Mane is an oil that is used for everything pertaining to scalp and hair; it helps with dandruff, itchy dry scalp, hair growth and scalp nourishment. Also it comes in a floral sent that is nothing like  the fragrance that my Dad remembered, “Dog Mange!”

Here are some specs on this best kept secret (Glovers Mane):



Glovers Mane can be used for a hot oil treatment, hair and scalp oil, or you can use glovers by pouring it in and mixing it in petroleum jelly (Vaseline) using it as a hair grease. I use it as a hot oil treatment in between my weaves, before my braid up and as a scalp oil before sewing my hair on. Does it eliminate all the itching? Of course not! Weaves itch and that is just a fact! However, when I use it my hair isn’t dried out and the product aids in growth.

I’m for any and everything that stimulates hair growth,  so I’ll be posting at least once a month a product that does just that!

Till next time stay beautiful!


Chevon Sharp, Master Stylist




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  • Avatar Pinkie says:

    Hello my name is pinkie I’m 39 years old. I was on the Depo shot for 5 years noticed that one of my side of a fait was losing my hair at the top of my head .so I decided to go back to the old days when my mother used to put glover’s on my scalp to make my hair grow so I decided to do old school because I know it works.

  • Avatar Vickey hall says:

    Hey my name is Vickey I’m 60yrs young and my hair is breaking off really bad due to menopause.If I don’t do something quick, I’m going to be bald before the summer. I’m going to use Glover’s Mane.Can anyone tell me how much Glover’s mane to mix with the petroleum jelly. Has anyone ever mixed it with Dad 100% Lanolin?

  • Avatar Vickey hall says:

    I’m sorry I meant Dax

  • Avatar Jacqueline Smith says:

    I am 65 years old and my grandmother used to mix Glover’s mane with Sulphur-8. Powerful combination for hair growth!

    • Avatar Lechan Hatcher says:

      I am so going to test this combination and see if it works. i have heard this for the first time. i love trying the growing techniques everyone talks about just to see if it work.

  • Avatar Reeda lynch says:

    My name is reeda! I’m 72 years my hair start
    To break off in the top of my heard backday
    My grandma used Gloves mane on my and it’s really work I am going to get me some today! My hair never have been short

  • Avatar Christine Williams says:

    I would like to get some of that grove mane for my because my hair has came out so bad until i have to wear quit weave all the time and i want my hair back

  • Avatar Lynell says:

    Do you know where I can find this Glovers Mane, my mom used this on my head years ago after I lost my hair due to a fire, she mixed it in with the great to counteract the smell but on the weekends she would apply it straight from the bottle.It really grows a healthy head of hair

  • Avatar Krisinda Anderson says:

    I keep reading that people are mixing Glover’s with different things I want to no what is the ratio you are using?

    • Brandelyn Green Brandelyn Green says:

      This isn’t something that I can personally recommend as I haven’t tried it. I have only heard of people who have done this.

  • Avatar sherri says:

    Well my mother not only used Glovers dog mane but she also used coffee. My hair has been breaking because I wait to long between relaxing. So it is a constant breakage, so I am getting ready to incorporate old, old school remedy for healthy hair and regrowth!

  • Avatar Denise says:

    Good morning and hello yes I can witness to the Glovers Maine it really do work it makes your hair longer thicker and more beautiful dont smell nothing like it use to back in the day give it a try you will be surprised

  • Avatar Lillie Shelton says:

    I am going to try this Glover Mange remedy because I’ve heard great reviews about this product and it worked back in the old days…

  • Avatar jacqueline downey says:

    About every 5-7 years all of my hair simply comes out. My scalp literally becomes inflamed. I reach back into what my grandmother uses. Vaseline and Glovers Mane. I swear by this. It took 2 weeks for me to start getting a new healthily growth. The mixture I use is half and half. I use this and the shampoo. It works. Smells awful use at night.

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