How to Finger Coil Your Natural Hair

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Finger coils are created when you take strands of your natural hair and coil them together to create an elongated coil.  This is a great styling option when wearing your natural hair at various lengths.

I decided to try finger coils myself, after seeing this style on social media.  This was my very first time trying finger coils on my natural hair and I loved them. I didn’t really do them with the purpose of unraveling them, I wanted to wear the coils for 2 weeks, but I actually ended up wearing them for a week and a half.

Here’s my video on the style, it explains the process 10 times better.

After two weeks I decided to unravel them but I did not like my unraveling results; I think that was because I wore them for so before unraveling long. If you want to wear the actual style, I suggest you unravel them after they are completely dry. I enjoyed having a break from my hair and the fact that it didn’t take too much effort to do (although it takes a long time, I believe it is worth it). I used my fingers to twist my hair around. If your hair is shorter, you can just twirl your hair around your finger. Using a comb is also an option. For this style I used the Camille Rose Almond Jai Twisting Butter (WHICH I LOVE) and a little Eco styling gel.  However, no gel is needed if you prefer not to use it, my hair stayed pretty neat the whole time I wore them.

As I mentioned in my video you can also do this with a comb.  Below is an example of finger coils done with a comb

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Let me know what you think of this style.  Do you think you’ll give it a try?

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